Friday 17 January 2014

Brilliant prints for boys

Following on from the #ccbloggers meet up and my post on the Cath Kidston look book for the new season, I wanted to share her latest designs for children as there's more choice than ever and there's a lot of boy-friendly options too, which is great to see.

I used to think that having a girl would be a lot easier when it came to buying clothes and home products. Maybe as I am a girl myself, I naturally notice pretty pastels and prints and don't necessarily spot all the cool things available out there for boys. Since having Ethan, my opinion of boys clothes has really changed and I love shopping for his outfits, thanks to some brilliant bargains from Asda and fun, quality clothes from Next. Now, Cath Kidston has shown me that having a boy doesn't mean you have to kit their room out in blue and blue alone. No, her latest prints are very boy-friendly whilst also keeping mum happy when it comes to keeping your home just how you like it.

Here are my top Cath Kidston print picks for boys:

Dinosaur wallpaper / fabric


This print may be in warm pastel shades but the ferocious prehistoric animals keep this print cool kitch. Ethan has a dinosaur themed playroom and this print would be a lovely choice for cushion covers or a pair of curtains.

Outer Space bedding


I love, love, LOVE this print! It's wonderfully retro and extremely fun, any budding space explorer would be proud to sleep underneath these 'out there' covers every night.



What little boy doesn't love playing with toy cars? This children's dining set is super cute and sure to make mealtimes a lot of fun.

Tiny Trains


If your tot is a train fanatic, the items available in the Tiny Trains print will definitely get their engines going. Offering a stylish alternative to Thomas the Tank Engine, this is a great choo-ice (sorry!) for young trainspotters.

Fire Engine Suitcase


Every boy when they're young wants to be an astronaut or a fireman when they grow up, don't they? Feed their imagination with this vibrant print - I particularly love the suitcase pictured above, it would make a great toy chest or memory box for special nic naks.

Guards backpack


Attention! This is such a fun design that taps into the enduring trend of 'rule Britannia' - the only trouble is, you might want to keep the backpack for yourself!



  1. I love the outter space bedding. I'm going to be decorating my twins bedroom and that would look so cute

    1. I LOVE that print! They do backpacks and other bits and pieces too. It's such a fun design and I'm sure their bedroom will look amazing - can't wait to see some pics when you're done!


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