Friday 17 January 2014

I'm a member of the Center Parcs Family Blogger club!

Two days ago, I received an email that made me squeal with delight. I am quite an excitable person by nature but on Wednesday, I had a real reason to be jumping up and down, clapping my hands whilst still in my pyjamas and with a serious case of bed hair going on.

What news had made me so happy? Only the news that I've been selected as a wildcard for the 2013/14 Center Parcs Family Blogger club! Yep, my entry before Christmas was enjoyed by the Center Parcs team so much that they decided they wanted me on board this year as part of their special group of bloggers.


To tell you I am over the moon would be an understatement. I've had to sit tight on the news until everything was made official, but the cat's out the bag now and you can read about the other two wildcard winner's from this month on the Tots100 website here.

I want to say a big thank you to Center Parcs and Tots100 for choosing me - I can't wait to arrange my family break and to share this with everyone, and I'm looking forward to the new monthly challenges.

Such a great way to start 2014 - I think it's going to be my year!

Kelly x

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