Tuesday 14 January 2014

Lips as soft as baby's skin? #treatyourselftuesday

For a few months, one new lip product has been the big buzz word on beauty blogs, Instagram and Twitter and as a result, it was getting hard to find on the high street. Never one to miss out on a beauty bargain, I spotted Maybelline's Baby Lips in Asda on offer for £2.50 (normal RRP is £2.99 I believe) and I quickly snapped up two shades to give this wonder balm a go myself.

Maybelline claim that Baby Lips aren't your usual chapsticks as they offer up to eight hours of hydration for smooth results, all with a pop of colour.

Available in six varieties - Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Mint Fresh and Intense Care - there's a balm and a tint to suit everyone, plus the packaging is really attractive and bright. Look how far chapsticks have come!

I chose Cherry Me, a red tint that I hoped would add a flash of colour, and Pink Punch, for a pop of pink. I like the idea of a handy balm that will sooth whilst adding colour that can be used on the go and reapplied whenever, without the need for a mirror.

I do have to say that the packaging really won these over for me - I want the whole collection because they just look so bright and beautiful - but I do also love a multifunctional product too and these fit the bill for every day use where you don't want to look 'too' made up.

So, my verdict? Well, they glide on really soft and smooth and with a couple of slicks back and forth, you definitely have a nice flush of colour. I love the Pink Punch shade and think these is really fresh and will suit most skin tones - it builds to a very vivid shade if you layer it up - whilst Cherry Me isn't too red but does emphasise the natural colour of your lips.

Baby Lips feel nice to wear but being a balm stick, you still don't feel like it's going to stay on your lips for very long. My lips feel smooth and moisturised when I wear it, but regular reapplication is required (great excuse to show off the fab design again!). The benefit of balms like this is you don't have to use your finger to apply, so no need to wipe your hands afterwards, and they aren't sticky feeling on your lips. However, it does mean they feel like they're just 'sitting' on the surface a little.

All in all, these are beautiful balms that are handy to have in your handbag for when you're lips need a little love. I'd like to give the Intense Care one a go to see if this feels a little more effective but I'd recommend these as they're really affordable and do the job. Hurray for Baby Lips!


  1. A fab little review here. I feel the same though perfect for a bit of instant relief in the cold xx

  2. Thanks Hannah! They are good little bargains. Which ones have you tried? X


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