Wednesday 5 February 2014

9 months


You're now nine months old my little man. More a boy in the making than a baby anymore. 

For nine months, you grew inside my tummy and daddy and I wondered who you would be. 

Nine months ago, we met you face-to-face for the first time and couldn't believe how lucky we were to have you.

Nine months later, and you are our world. Your smile makes us beam. Your laugh makes our hearts burst with love. Your jibbering, jestering and simple joy in everything you do makes us so proud.

You've been at nursery for five weeks now and they too think you're a special little boy. Everyone who knows you agrees. Our family and friends light up when they see you or when we share photos of you on Facebook.

You can feed yourself with your hands and even reach out for things off mummy's plate. You have two teeth now, with the second almost catching up to the first. You've had a cough and a runny nose for a while and have been a little sick this past week but you still do your very best to smile. You just need a few more cuddles now. You still enjoy your cuddles.

You're starting to wave and you're practising your sounds; it's so lovely to hear your chats, lost in your own little world.

You love your dog and the kitties too - you're so fascinated when they walk by or when Watson barks when you come home.

You have a personality that's really coming into its own now and it's amazing to see you look at the world and learn new things.

You, who was nine months inside and now nine months outside.

You. Wonderful you.



  1. It's crazy how fast the time goes, enjoy him while he's this age :-) Beautiful pictures as well x

  2. Anonymous9.2.14

    Ah lovely!


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