Tuesday 4 February 2014

Teething troubles

Ethan's first tooth made it's appearance on Christmas morning and little by little, it's peeked out his bottom gum more and more. Last week, we spotted the tip of the next tooth, right next door, and ever since, little man has been having some real teething troubles.

It's probably not as bad as some children have it and I'm sure there's worse to come in his teething future. But for Ethan, my always smiling, always content little boy, his teeth have really been causing him jip. 

Add to this fact he's still quite congested and has had a runny nose for a month and it's resulted in a few days in a row where he hasn't been quite himself. He's still played and we still get smiles, but his teeth have hurt him throughout the day, rather than at the end when he's tired and ready for bed.

His coughing resulted in him being a little sick at nursery and to be on the safe side, they sent Ethan home. I was sure it was just reflux but the past couple of days, he's been out of sorts. He's thrown up not long after a feed about twice a day so we've been keeping things plain and simple while his tummy settles.

Whatever is wrong with him, he's extremely sleepy. He's been a good night sleeper for five months now and he has a couple of naps a day. When he is awake, his fingers are straight in his mouth as he try's to chew and rub his pain away.

One thing that has helped is Weleda Chamomilla 3X Granules. These tiny little white beads contain a homeopathic potency of Matricaria Chamomilla and seem to calm unhappy teething babes almost immediately. 

There's a tiny spoon inside and you just tip one spoonful of the granules into their mouth. Ethan is so intrigued by them and happily opens his mouth when I give these to him. You can give them one dose every 15 minutes until their symptoms are soothed. 

They do seem to help Ethan calm down when he starts getting very grumbly with his teething and because they are an anthroposophic medicine, you don't feel too worried about giving it when they need it.

How do you help your little one get through their teething pains?


  1. I haven't seen these before but I have tried the Nelsons teetha granules which sometimes work, sometimes don't. I'm going to check these Weleda ones out though

    1. It's tricky isn't it? It's hard to know what to do and what will help but Ethan seems to respond well to these and they last ages too x

  2. Anonymous15.2.14

    Will be sure to keep this in mind next time Molly has teething troubles xx


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