Monday 17 February 2014

If you'd like to nominate me for the MAD Blog Awards 2014, I'll love you forever!

This blog began as my pregnancy diary and now is my daily record of my life and my baby boy. It has become more than just a place for me to vent, but a place for me to meet new people, many who are new mums like myself, and a way to share ideas, information and advice. You never stop learning as a mum and the best support network you can have is other mums. This blog and my Twitter page connect me with some lovely people and I have made some lovely friends and had so many great opportunities. I enjoy this blog so much and it has come to mean a lot to me, and hopefully to Ethan too when he looks at it in the future.

To nominate me, please click here

If you're a blogger, you may already know about the MAD (Mummy and Daddy) Blog Awards, which have been going for five years now. Celebrating the wonderful world of being a parent blogger, these awards highlight the best of the blogs and this year I've thought I might as well give it a go - you never know unless you try!

So, I'm asking you, my fabulous readers, to nominate me if I've ever made you smile, if I've ever shared something really useful or if you enjoy reading about my adventures in mummyhood. Hey, if you simply love me sharing photos of my gorgeous little boy, that's a good enough reason as any!

Whether you liked my post about striving to be a yummy mummy, enjoyed my regular product reviews and test posts, laughed at the top skills I've learnt as a new mum, found my #weaningwednesday weekly posts useful or tried some of my #midweekmealsformums recipes, I would LOVE it if you would vote for me.

The MAD Blod Awards 2014 have a variety of categories in which you could nominate me or another of your favourite bloggers, from best new blog to best writer and best baby blog. Nomination is easy - simply visit this page, pop in your email address and paste the URL of my blog ( into any or as many categories as you wish. Then just cross your fingers!

Nominations close on 14th March 2014.

To be nominated would be amazing in itself - there's so much competition so to be shortlisted would be an incredible achievement - but knowing I have your support means the world.

Thank you!

Kelly x


  1. Nominated :-) you deserve it and congrats on the nomination xx

    1. Georgie, that means so much - thank you! There's sure to be a lot of competition but I thought it was worth a shot and I really appreciate you taking the time to nominate me x

  2. Anonymous17.2.14

    Did this a few days ago for you!! xx

    1. Aw thank you so so much! You've made my day :)

  3. Thanks for posting. Good luck!
    MADs Editor

    1. Thank you! It's so nice to be nominated and I can only imagine what it must feel like to be shortlisted. Fingers crossed :)



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