Tuesday 18 February 2014

#treatyourselftuesday - The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

I'm quite the beauty hoarder and it takes little more than a sign saying 'new' to draw me to a product when I'm shopping. I particularly can't help myself if said product happens to have 'beauty' in it's name. Oh, and if it's from The Body Shop, you really can't hold me back!

I've been a huge fan of The Body Shop since my early teens. It was a staple of my Christmas stocking and every one of my friends had their own scent - be it zingy Satsuma, fruity Strawberry or feminine White Musk. Ah, how scent can condure up so many memories. I even visited the factory in Littlehampton a couple of times, with £10 pocket money in my purse and excitement in my eyes.

Today, I love going into The Body Shop when I haven't been for a while, and simply wandering around, not sure what I'm looking for but sure I'll find something to catch my eye.

A few weeks ago, I had a few minutes to spare at Euston station so I decided to have a look around the small Body Shop store and see what I could find. There was a display, with a sign saying 'new', so naturally I went over to have a look.

There was a new line of Beautifying Oils lined up over a few shelves and I knew I had found a new product to try. I'd only read a review of these new oils the day before, in this post by my fab blogger friend, and co-organiser of #midsblogmeet, Emma, so there was no question that I would have to try this for myself.

It took me about 10 minutes to decide which scent to go for, however, as I really couldn't decide. There's 10 different scents to choose from and in the end, I was torn between Shea and Olive. Honestly, I stood there sniffing one, then the other, and just couldn't decide. I didn't think I would be drawn to the Olive version but this was the one I chose as it has a really nice, light, fresh scent that I find quite invigorating.

I've posted before about my skin needing a lot more TLC and moisture as of late, so I thought this oil would make a great addition to my night-time routine (I actually have one now, which is a big step forward for me, as I've been pretty lazy with my skincare for a while).

You can use the oil on your face, body and hair, to add moisture and a little illumination. It hydrates your skin and as it's a dry oil, it doesn't feel greasy. It smooths really nicely over your skin and the scent is subtle but really pleasant.

I've been using this on my face after my night moisturiser and I've also also used it as an alternative to serum on the ends of my dry hair. It feels light on your skin but does seem to help tackle dry patches. It feels luxurious to use and I have to say, the hype is true in this instance - it really is a beautiful oil.

A little really goes a long way and I can see so many uses for this product. Emma suggested in her blog post that you could add brown sugar to the oil to make your own body scrub and I'm keep to try a couple of make-your-own face masks, using natural ingredients from my fridge and cupboard, so will definitely add a couple of drops of this oil.

If it ever does run out, I'd love to pick up a couple of the other scents but I think it could take a while, which makes this £9 bottle great value, particularly as it can be used in so many ways.

I can't say whether it's made me more beautiful, but it certainly makes me feel like it every time I use it.

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