Saturday 22 March 2014

Celebs do it, we do it...

Whenever a celebrity or someone in the public eye announces they're pregnant, all eyes turn to see how their body changes over the months ahead, speculation begins over whether they'll have a boy or a girl and everyone watches with baited breath to hear about the birth.

Just think of Scarlett Johansson - she hasn't officially confirmed reports of her pregnancy but the media are in a frenzy trying to take pictures that show off her 'bump'.

When I was pregnant, I wrote about celebrity bump pals and how when you know you're expecting, it's easy to latch onto someone famous who is also at the same stage as you, as a way of comparing how you're doing.

And when baby comes, well, the magazines are full of how the birth went, the story behind the name they chose and the latest bits and pieces they've bought their little bundle.

Have you seen this super cute video from super cute couple Mr and Mrs Tom McFly? Following on from the soppy but sweet wedding speech video to their Halloween pumpkin reveal that they were going to have a baby, I have to say it's rather nice to see a celeb couple taking their happy news into their own hands and doing their own thing:

Heart. Melts. So. Sweet. Downloading. Song.

Brands do very well from a celebrity baby boom and I have to admit, I do like seeing what famous mums buy for their babies, particularly when it's from a high street shop or normal brand that us real mums shop with too.

Everyone seemed fascinated by the news that Simon Cowell was going to be a dad, not being the typical 'dad' type, and he even admitted last week that he had stuck true to his promise of not changing a nappy. What was nice to see is that he was spotted leaving the hospital with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman with the CYBEX Aton two days after welcoming Eric Philip into the world. 

Simon Cowell N.Y.C. - Charcoal Aton Q, £185 
CYBEX stockist details: and available in major nursery retailers

I'm in the process of looking at a new car seat for Ethan as he's growing out of his first seat and there's just so many things to consider. I'm keen to choose one that will see him through until he's 12 years of age, as a car seat is an investment so you might as well get the mileage from it (pun intended, sorry!).

I am going to be trying out the Pallas-Fix car seat, which is suitable from nine months to 12 years, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on this as a next stage car seat soon.

How did you choose a new car seat? What features did you look for?

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  1. Directly after a show from anybody, you can't even indicate that something might be improved. What artists and celebrities need is congrats and support. They haven't descended off that apex of force.


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