Friday 21 March 2014

In defence of mummy bloggers

This week, someone I know posted a link to an American blog entitled 'why I hate mommy bloggers'. Despite being one, I can enjoy a little self-deprecating humour so I wanted to read on and see what this blogger had to say which was so funny.


To be honest, whilst there may be a few characteristics that ring true or some experiences which I'm sure do happen with some bloggers from time to time, I failed to see the blogger's point and just couldn't place why she was so angry.


You can read the post here and I encourage you to do so - if you're a mummy blogger, I'd love to know how you feel and if you're not, but read related blogs (which I guess you do because you're reading this), see what you think of what she has to say.


The main argument that this woman presents and keeps coming back to is how she's not bleep bleeping interested in posts that share mundane anecdotes from an average life or share things she doesn't want to know. She continuously makes a point that she's not a mum by choice, and fair enough, she deserves respect too just like any SAHM. But, my question is, why is she reading mummy blogs?


It's like if I chose to read sports blogs and then wrote a post slating what such writers talk about. What do I care about the latest transfer deals or th debate over whether there should be standing areas at football matches? (How did I do there, seeing as I have no interest in football whatsoever?!). Who am I to judge these kinds of bloggers when clearly, their content isn't for me?


She says that we have a feeling of importance based on the success of our blogs and events we go to and yes, I have to agree, at least on my part. Who doesn't like to know that something they work very hard on is read and enjoyed by others? She says we demand respect. Yep, correct. I can see the humour in what she says but I feel that every women, whatever her choices, deserves respect and mummy bloggers are sharing their experiences, no-one else's.


Other points she tries to make is that we overdo the mummyness. Er, guilty! If you write about being a mum then I'm pretty sure you're children will feature somewhere. That's the point. And again, if you read mummy blogs, you know what you're in for.


She also says that we're fakes. Again, I'm sure that some people may come across like everything in their life is A OK but the blogs I read and this very blog itself share the life of real mums. I don't pretend to 'fart rainbows' as this blogger says I think I do. I acknowledge the good times and the hard times because this is what my blog is about. Sharing my life and interests and hoping people enjoy reading and find something helpful, useful or reassuring now and again.


She also ask what our talent is. Well. I'm not sure what hers is to be quite honest - being a snippy person who enjoys verbally bashing other people perhaps?


My main issue with this post and the comments the people I know we're making about it on Facebook is the cynicism and downright judgement that too many women have about other women. To be a blogger of any kind is a very open and exposing thing to do. I do it because I get a great deal of support from the people I connect with and blogs I read and I too want to support other mums like me. And share cute photos and beauty tips and other bits and bobs that interest me.


I don't even know who this blogger is but this post bothered me.


I just hate that we can be our own worst enemies and rather than just accept what someone else does for what it is, even if it's not for you, we attack them. Poke fun. Pigeon hole everyone in the same category.


I judge judgement. And I support mummy bloggers in all their guises as we do have something valuable to contribute.


If you don't agree, then this blog isn't for you.




  1. Well said! I haven't read it yet, but I agree with everything you say. Why the heck is she reading them if she doesn't like them?! Don't waste your time! And you're right, women have it hard enough sometimes, indeed society have it hard sometimes, so why do people want to bash other people. It really annoys me there is so much negativity in the world. Why do people have to deliberately go out of their way to slate people. Whatever happened to 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.'?!

    1. From what I can gather, her work may require her to read them from time to time, but it was just the hate and judgement she makes in the post that really got to me. Indeed, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  2. Well said! I have no idea why someone would hate mummy blogs that much, as you said if she doesn't want to read them then why does she bother! Personally I find mummy blogs really helpful and supportive, I love having a read through all the similar good and bad times that other mums experience. It's a fantastic community. Keep doing what your'e doing Kelly :-) xx


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