Saturday 5 April 2014

One month until you're one...


Hello my sunshine.


Ever since you were born, Daddy and I have sung certain songs to you. My special song for you is 'You are my Sunshine' and it's cheesy but you are. One look at your little face can cheer up my cloudiest days.


Even when you're not feeling that great or your teeth are causing you some jip. You've still got your cold and the past two days you've had a particularly nasty cough which has kept you up at night. You've been sick quite a few times, ruining a couple of rugs in your wake. Your top front teeth have been breaking their way through and I'm pretty sure that the teeth next door to them want to make an appearance soon, so at times you really haven't felt that great. Luckily, Mummy and Daddy cuddles work wonders.


You've been much more interactive with the world recently and pointing at anything and everything and saying 'de!' Is your favourite thing. When Sherlock, your eldest cat, comes to say hello, your face lights up in such a wonderful way and every morning when you catch sight of the dog you do a little jig and start saying 'do-gh! dor!'.


You're a chatty man and you've also learnt to share, passing us toys and letting us have them before indicating that you want them back. You also find it particularly funny when you have your Colin crab toy, as you like to nibble him and think it's hilarious when Mummy and Daddy eat him too.


This month you went to the park and had a go on the swings for the first time, which you LOVED. You very quickly worked out how to swing yourself, moving your legs in circles. One of your Godmother's, Bex, came to visit last week and she couldn't believe how much you had changed. Auntie Erin babysat you one day, you've had some play time with Nanny and Grandad and next week, you're going on a seaside holiday with our best friends for your other Godmother's big birthday.


It was also Mother's Day last week and you were very lovely to Mummy and spoilt her a lot.nthank you. Feel free to do so every year...! Honestly, spending the day with you doing something special is all I want and I can't wait for next year when you might finally say Mama!


In one month, we're having a big party for you and you are going to be spoilt rotten. We can't help ourselves. Instead of pass the parcel, it'll be pass the Ethan as so many people are coming to celebrate your very first birthday.


I can't want to tell you all about it when you're a little older.


As always Ethan, Mummy loves you.






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