Tuesday 8 April 2014

Snack without the guilt

I love a good snack. Honestly, I think I could live on tapas or pick on picnic food and be quite happy. Saturday night in particular is made for snacking; open the crisps, pour the wine and enjoy a film. Perfect!

Not that I believe you should feel guilty for anything you put past your lips - life's too short to not enjoy what you eat - I've discovered a new snack that is almost completely sin free.

You may have spotted Pop Chips in places such as Starbucks - I know I have, but I have never picked them up. However, I was sent a fab bundle of flavours to try, complete with a 'keep your crisps fresh' clip which is going to be really useful.

So, what's the story? Pop Chips are popped potato and corn chips that are never baked and never fried. 'A little heat and pressure' is all that's needed, then pop!, a potato turns into a chip just like that. Flavour is added and the end result is a tasty snack that's full of flavour but low in fat and calories; less than 100 calories and around 3g of fat per bag. Not bad at all.

Available in original, sour cream and chive, sea salt and vinegar, salt and pepper, barbeque and thai sweet chilli flavours, there's a Pop Chip for everyone.

I was kind enough to share some of these on a Saturday night as a nibble while we watched some TV together as a family but I also managed to sneak a couple of packs just to enjoy by myself.

I particularly enjoyed the barbeque flavour, which had a nice tang to it, and the salt and pepper was a really different taste and a welcome addition to my 'eat at my desk' lunch.

If you like a snack but you're bored of your usual crisps, give these a go. Honestly, they taste great and the brand is bags of fun to boot.

* Note: I was sent some of these chips by the lovely Pop Chips team but decided they were too good to keep to myself. You can thank me later.

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