Saturday 10 May 2014

Baby clothes blog sale

It's amazing how many things such a tiny person can accumulate in 12 short months and recently I've been having a good sort out of Ethan's bits and bobs to make room for all the new things he has had for his birthday!

We've stored some of the bigger toys and equipment away in the loft for possible baby number two in the future, we have kept special clothes aside for sentimental reasons and others to be made into a quilt and we have donated several big bags of clothes to charity. I've just found that as much as I would like to, we can't keep everything and it's nice to know that the things he has grown out of will be put to good use.

There's still a few items of clothing remaining that Ethan never came to wear or only wore once so I've decided to see if I can sell these for a couple of pounds to anyone who can give them a good home. It seems such a shame that some clothes only see the light of day on a couple of occasions so thought it would be worthwhile to see if they are useful to someone else.

All prices are stated on the pictures, they are all clean and have either never been worn or are in excellent condition, postage is £2 and payment can be made via PayPal. Just send me a message if you're interested in anything...


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  1. Your collection is nice and I like the Christmas outfit most. So cute!!!!


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