Wednesday 2 July 2014


Today, I leave my 20's behind and enter my 30's. It's a big milestone and one that I thought I would approach with dread but actually, I'm doing fine.

I started my career at 21 and nine years on, I'm doing quite well, now heading up the PR team I once joined as a graduate. I was engaged at 22 and bought a house later that same year. I got married when I was 26 and became a mum when I was 28. Pretty much all the big, scary things you can do in life, whilst still in my twenties!

In light of turning the big 3-0 today, I thought I'd share 30 random facts / memories / wishes for the future which you...

1. My middle name is Virginia. 
2. I am an only child. My parents had a daughter two years before I was born but sadly she died shortly after being born. I have a half brother and a half sister in Australia. My half brother came to my wedding which was the first time we met.
3. I have five tattoos - the eye of Ra inside a sun design at the top of my back, symbols down the middle of my spine, a butterfly design at the bottom of my back (which was my first when I was 17), a peacock feather on my right foot and the latest one is a swallow on my wrist, with the tail feathers shaped into the letter E for my baby boy.
4. I have three pets - a dog called Watson and two cats called Sherlock and Arty. When I was growing up, I had six cats, two rabbits, six fish and more than 100 birds as pets.
5. I met my husband when we both started working at Blockbuster when we were students. We will have been together for 11 years in January.
6. I passed my driving test on my fifth attempt. Don't laugh.
7. My dream car is a VW Camper Van. One day I will have one and it'll either baby blue and called Betty or sunshine yellow and called Daisy.
8. I've kept my son's umbilical cord in cotton wool in a box, despite thinking my mum was very weird for doing the same with mine.
9. I have very eclectic taste in music. I've been a fan of Backstreet Boys for 20 years yet love rocking to Marilyn Manson. My husband often says it's a cruel shame that I wasn't blessed with a beautiful voice as I love to sing but can't carry a tune. 
10. I am a fan of wrestling. Yep, you read that right. I watched it when I was younger and got back into it about five years ago. I go once a year to see it when they come over to the UK and Hulk Hogan blessed my bump in January last year.
11. I love dying my hair or changing the style, although since I was pregnant, I've kept it quite safe. I've been long, short, layered, straight, curly, red, brown, blonde, dark, bit of everything at the same time... I just like trying new looks. However, at the weekend, I went for the biggest change to date. I was over having long hair and the blonde was too harsh so I decided I needed a new 'do for a new decade. So, I'm now sporting a graduated textured bob, having lost about 12 inches in length from the back, and I'm now a couple of shades of brown with slices of bright blonde to break things up. It's very different but just what I wanted. It's a versatile style that I can mess up, curl, wave, pin back... pretty much do anything with.

12. My childhood hero was Blossom. She was just too cool for school.
13. My grown up hero is Carrie Bradshaw. God, I love that woman!
14. I have three best friends but I only see them every few months as we don't live near each other. I wish we could be in each other's lives more but we always have a great time when we do get together.
15. Same goes for my parents. I have a small family but I still don't get to see them enough. 
16. Our first dance at our wedding was to Keane's Somewhere Only We Know, as one of our first dates was to see Travis in concert and Keane were a new act at the time supporting them.
17. I am a little obsessed with Pandora charms. I currently have four bracelets, two silver and two leather, but there's room in my collection for more.
18. I've worn a thumb ring on my right hand since I was about 13. 
19. When I was young, I created a Hedgehog club as I loved the little creatures. I even made a leaflet. Sadly, I was the only member.
20. I've been to quite a few places on the planet during my 30 years. Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Germany, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Norway, Austria, Lanzerote, Fuerteventura.
21. We had chosen two names, one boy and one girl name, picked for around six years before we had Ethan. Keeping the girl name for a future date... possibly!
22. Noel Edmonds landed on my school playing field when I was 10. I got his autograph, as my maiden name was Edmonds, and he bunged our head teacher.
23. If I were to open a bar, it would be 90's themed and I would call it Wonderwall. 
24. I studied art, media and English at college then went to UCE (now BCU) to study Media and Communications. I got a first. Get me!
25. My favourite songs are too many to name but include Stay, I Missed You (Lisa Loeb), Steal My Sunshine (Len), Break Your Heart and What A Good Boy (Barenaked Ladies), Miss You (Blink 182), Indefinately (Travis)... can't think of anymore!
26. I collect Starbucks mugs and children's books, keep special cards and nic naks and my new project is making a family scrapbook using the Project Life collection.
27. My signature dish is Spanish chicken with patatas bravas. Or lasagne. My favourite food is Mexican.
28. My childhood teddy bear was called Rupert and I still have him. He sits on a shelf in Ethan's nursery, next to my husband's monkey, George.
29. Becoming a mum is the best thing I have ever done. Without question.
30. I know more about myself, what's important and what I want from life than ever before. Sure, it's strange to think of myself as a 30 something but I hear that this new decade will be the best yet and you know, I have a feeling it will be...


  1. Happy Happy Birthday nearly-Birthday twin! Hope you have a fabulous time away and I LOVE your new hair!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. We’ve done things in a really similar timeframe Kelly! Me and Joe got together at 19, married at 26, and expecting our first later this year…when we’ll be 28! Looks like you’ve got the winning formula so hope all goes well :) And happy belated birthday! Karen x

    1. Winning formula indeed and congratulations Karen, I didn't realise you were expecting! Such lovely news x

  3. Happy Belated birthday! Your hair looks fab! I knew you had a dog but didn't realise you had cats too x

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, two kit kats! They spend most of the day out and about so don't often get to take pics of them.


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