Thursday 3 July 2014

Past post: the skills you develop when you become mum

I wrote this post last October and it quickly became one of my most read pieces ever. How many of these skills did you pick up when you're little one was born?

Every new mum wonders how they will cope with the sleepless nights, never ending washing and feeding a baby around the clock, let alone finding time to be themselves too. However, all mums develop skills to help them, ones they never knew they could have...

1. Multitasker. Thought you could multitask BB (before baby)? Think again! I once fed newborn Ethan whilst reading a book on my iPad, swiping the pages with my toes!

2. Master of time. Only got 15mins before baby is bound to wake up again? Not a problem, you can get dressed, do your hair and make up, put the laundry done and have a cup of tea in that time. Where there's a will, and a sleeping baby, there's a way!

3. Ninja. The time you have when baby sleeps is precious in the day so you quickly develop ninja skills that allow you to tip toe around without disturbing them in the slightest. Your sanity depends on it!

4. Linguist. With a baby to entertain morning, noon and night, a new mama quickly learns how to speak baby babble and sing silly songs and blow raspberries to make their little one smile, even when you're out and about. 

5. Queen of embarrassment. I bet there isn't a mum out there who has been able to resist buying at least one embarrassing outfit for their baby. With so many cute clothes out there, your baby can be any animal or character going. Ethan has been Kermit the Frog, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, a giraffe, a bear... And it's only going to get funnier as Christmas approaches! I already have his pumpkin costume for Halloween...

6. One handed wonder. From eating your lunch to changing a nappy, you quickly learn how to go things with just one free hand.

7. Super senses. No matter if your baby is in a different room, as a mum, only you can hear their murmurs in time to nip a full on crying fit in the bud.  

8. Human cushion. No matter what, the most comfortable place for your baby to be is on you. You're now a cuddle machine and it's one of the best new skills you gain when you become mum.

What skills have you developed since having a baby? Us mum's are pretty amazing so I'd love to hear what you think you've learnt so far on your journey to become mum.

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