Wednesday 9 July 2014

Shine a light

Today is a day full of hope and possibilities. It's a day I have anticipated for a long time and the journey to get here has been long and frustrating.

If you've read my blog for a while, you may have heard me talk about the skin condition psoriasis, which I first developed on my head three years ago and which now covers quite a lot of my body with red patches that can get very dry and sore.

I've tried creams and I've tried lotions but all these topical treatments have done is help soothe some areas for a short time or simply been unpleasant to use with no real benefit afterwards.

However, today is the day which could set in motion a chain reaction that will change my skin, I hope, for the better. 

Today I start phototherapy.

For many psoriasis sufferers, light therapy seems to be the golden ticket to truly tackling the worst that this skin condition has to give them. I've seen many before and after posts showing the impressive results that some people can experience having gone through a course of treatment. Even my Mum had it a few years ago when she developed psoriasis through stress and it worked wonders for her.

But everyone is different. I know that. The nurse and dermatologist at the skin clinic know that. All I can do is start my therapy, three times a week for seven to 10 weeks, and see what happens.

It's a quick treatment and the UVB rays you receive are adjusted according to your skin type and increased upon each visit. There's lots of things I can't do before hand; wear make up or jewellery, use certain body moisturisers, chop vegetables (all these things and more can create skin sensitivity that may be affected by the concentrated light). I'm fortunate to have secured a much coveted early morning slot so it won't be too disruptive and I'm hopeful for the changes I might see.

So today could be the beginning of something rather exciting. Better skin, better confidence and just feeling better in myself.

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  1. Hope it goes well and makes a difference for you Kelly :) x


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