Saturday 30 August 2014

ELC Happyland - top toy picks for toddler boys

A little while ago, I wrote about Ethan being at an inbetweener stage and how we were struggling to find new toys for him that were engaging but not too advanced or fiddly for his age (you can see my top toddler toy tips here).

We then found Happyland and everything changed. It's suitable for 18 months to 3 years although there's no reason we can see for Ethan not to play with these toys now.

It's a really fun and engaging range that has everything from people and animal figures through to small buildings, interactive playmats and larger toys. There's around 55 different products or sets to buy in the current range so there's plenty of choice and Ethan already has a few things in his collection.

All photos source from ELC

He has the interactive playmat, with tour bus, tourists, policeman and safari and farm animals, plus a set of construction vehicles and workers.

Dare I say it, I've even bought his main Christmas present. In August. I know, I know, but at the moment the Happyland range has 20% off, to celebrate Early Learning Centre's 40th birthday. It was too good a deal to miss and I had some vouchers to spend so snapped up Ethan's main Christmas present - the Happyland train set. The staff told me that a extension pack will be available for it soon and I also learned that every figure in the range is painted by hand.

I also have my eye on the table, as it would be useful to have a set play area for Ethan and his Happyland toys, and the pirate ship also looks a lot of fun.The prices of the range are great too, particularly for the figure and vehicle sets, and I think Happyland will be on Ethan's Christmas list to Santa for sure.

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  1. The castle looks particularly cute! I'll have to keep my eye on this range as Digs gets bigger :)


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