Thursday 7 August 2014

Me and Mine - August 2014

It may not be the clearest photo, taken at a family party and nabbed from a family member's Facebook page, and both hubs and Ethan aren't even looking at the camera, but I just love this photo of our little family.

It's relaxed, we're all enjoying the moment and it's just a really nice, natural photo to remember this month by.

I love how cheeky Ethan looks with his shorts that are a little too big - I wonder who he is looking at off camera? He's also about to flash his tummy - one of the funny things he likes to do at the moment!

Hubs is clearly finding something very funny indeed and his smile is so genuine.

Then there's me - a little hot and leaning in for the shot but just happy and enjoying the party.

For me, this month's photo goes to show that you can try to set up the perfect photo but sometimes, a snap taken off the cuff can encapsulate a certain moment in time the best.

dear beautiful

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