Monday 29 September 2014

Everything is awesome!

We are big film fans in our family - Ste and I met at Blockbuster and built quite a sizeable collection of DVD's over the years - and as we can't get to the cinema very often any more, we rely on DVD's to catch up on the latest releases. That's why, when got in touch to say would we like to review a new release, we happily said 'yes please!'.

We wanted something fun that all of us could enjoy, even Ethan at just 16 and half months.

So, what did send us?

Well, we seem to have a little builder on our hands. He loves building blocks, he enjoys playing with his toy construction vehicles and figures really seem to capture his imagination and can keep him playing for hours on end.

So, I'm sure it won't be long before he discovers Lego. What little boy doesn't like Lego when they're growing up? Or Dad, for that matter?!

So our latest film night pick was perfect - The Lego Movie. 

I remembered seeing the trailers for this and really wanting to see the movie as so many well known actors lend their voices to the characters and it seemed to be quite a witty tale.

And it is. 

We settled down on Sunday afternoon to watch The Lego Movie and it wasn't long before we were laughing along. It follows the story of simple but loveable Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) and his life as a perfectly average Lego minifigure. Every day, he does the same routine (sounds a bit familiar to being a new mum!) and he's happy just going about things as he should, never questioning the world he lives in.

However, he soon finds himself embroiled in an extraordinary adventure where he's mistaken for an extraordinary figure who's expected to change the Lego world forever.

A familiar theme but with many sly adult jokes and pop culture references made this a movie that all the family could enjoy.

For kids: Ethan loved the bright colours and the catchy music. I was also a fan of the film's anthem, Everything Is Awesome, and it took a long time to get it out of our heads! Ethan watched intently for quite a long time, which is impressive for his age and I think he was quite fascinated by the characters.

For him: Hubs really liked the attention to detail as everything in the Lego world is made from, well, Lego - even the sea - and it was quite amazing how they brought this world of small plastic bricks to life. He also liked some of the cameos from characters from other franchises.

For her: I particularly liked the quirky cast of characters, such as the two face cop (hilariously voiced by Liam Neeson) and Morgan Freeman playing the God-like figure, naturally.

The Lego Movie was fun, colourful and had a real sweet sentiment at its heart; the Lego world isn't all it seems, but I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't see it. A lot of the best jokes were featured in the trailer, so it wasn't quite as funny overall as we had hoped, so make sure you avoid trailers before watching, but despite this we still enjoyed it and we're sure that Ethan will like watching it even more as he grows up.

We give The Lego Movie 3.5 bricks out of 5 as it was really well made, had a great cast and offered something for kids and adults alike - it just lost it's way a little towards the end and the main story 
was fairly predictable.

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  1. My boyfriend (aged 24) loves the Lego Movie - definitely appeals to adults too :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Me and Adam love the Lego Movie, it's brilliant. x


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