Sunday 28 September 2014

Me and You - September 2014 / #MySundayPhoto

I've been taking part in the Me and Mine photography project, created by Dear Beautiful, for a few months now and saw that she also has a photo project for couples too.

It's nice to remember that you were once a two before the pitter patter of tiny feet and I recently realised that there aren't that many photos of Stephen and I since Ethan came into our world; usually, it's one of us plus Ethan in photos.

So, in a bid to keep a record of Ste and I together over the months and even years, here's my first Me and You photo, taken at our wedding venue when we went back to see if again after four years. It's the first snap of the two of us in a long time, taken by a kind waitress, and it was taken on our fourth wedding anniversary so a nice memory to make note of.

dear beautiful


  1. Such a great picture - you look so relaxed and happy.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Anonymous28.9.14

    What a great photo, we have no photos of just me and Mrs OD3G

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Aww! What a lovely photo!

  4. Anonymous30.9.14

    Aww its been awhile too since my husband and I had a picture together! We need one. Yours is so lovely =) #mysundayphoto


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