Saturday 27 September 2014

Protection for your tots bot

I love writing this blog and can't wait for the day when I can share it with Ethan. My letters. Our days out. His milestones. My memories.

However, I am sure that this latest post will earn me the label of 'world's most embarrassing Mum'.

I'm talking about Ethan's little tush. 

Now don't worry, future Ethan, I'm not going to be sharing any photos. No, those will be saved for our family photo albums...! 

I'm just talking about the subject of nappy rash. Ethan has suffered with a sore derrière off and on for quite a while now. Quite often, his nursery will tell us he's 'been a bit sore today' and other times, from nowhere it seems, his rump will become quite red and angry looking between nappy changes, no matter how frequent these are.

Before he was born, I, like many mums, stocked up on the essentials and one of these was Sudocrem. Right at the top of my list and bought by the bucket load it seems, I'm still using the first tub of Sudocrem I bought and if our usage to date is anything to go by, the remaining unopened tubs will keep us going for a very long time yet! Sudocrem was always an 'essential' to my mind and it has been a saviour when Ethan has a spell of nappy rash.

It really can look so sore so suddenly, I can't help but worry.

So, when Sudocrem got in touch to tell me about their new Care and Protect lotion, I was grateful to have a potential solution to the problem. Whereas standard Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is used to treat nappy rash, Care and Protect is all about preventing it in the first place. 

In a lighter lotion-like formulation, and certainly not as heavy as the traditional cream, Care and Protect can be used at every nappy change to protect their bot from the nasty chemicals in their wee and poo (nice!) that can cause irritation. It's a hypo-allergenic triple-care ointment that's really smooth on the skin to provide a protective barrier to safeguard skin by sealing in natural moisture.

As it comes in a convenient tube, this new cream is a must-have for your nappy bag. We've been using this every day to keep red bottoms at bay and so far, so good. It's easy to apply, seems to absorb quickly and appears to be very soothing.

I may even supply some Sudocrem Care and Protect to Ethan's nursery to use (they provide Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing cream as standard anyway), particularly if his nappy rash returns / persists as he does seem quite susceptible.  

As with anything, you want to know that you're doing what you can to keep your little one comfortable and knowing I'm doing something to keep Ethan's skin soft and rash-free means a lot. 

At £3.99 for a 30g tube, it's a small price to pay to keep his posterior as soft as, well, a baby's bum. 

Find out all you need to know about nappy rash here and click here for full product details on Care and Protect.

Sudocrem has partnered with TV and radio presenter Katy Hill to launch a campaign to improve public changing rooms after discovering that 50% of mums avoid shopping because of poor changing and feeding facilities when out and about.

I've certainly seen my fair share of awful abodes and in those early days, I'd really think about where I was going and what facilities there would be for Ethan - sometimes, it was just all too much and I'd rather just stay at home than put up with the hassle.

Well, to champion the benefits of good facilities, Sudocrem Care & Protect and Katy Hill have launched a campaign to encourage retailers and restaurants to improve what they have on offer and they’re asking parents to vote for the best in the “Baby Changing Room Awards”. 

Based on last year’s award winner, John Lewis in Reading, it might be easy access combined with spacious, clean and comfortable facilities or it could be something more quirky, like the addition of a sofa and a TV.  

“It’s vital that parents have access to good baby changing facilities when they’re out and about with their baby. With two kids of my own, I know it’s the little things that count and facilities, which have been developed with parents in mind, are right up there with the coffee!” says Katy, who's also a mother of two.

If you would like to nominate a changing room for the award, then let Sudocrem know which baby changing room, why you want to nominate them and preferably a photo on Facebook, on the Sudocrem website or by emailing Entries will be judged by Katy, expert midwife Nikki Khan and Sudocrem.  

* Thank you to the Sudocrem saviours for sending us a tube of Care and Protect to try - Ethan tooshie really appreciates it!


  1. I love Sudocream - couldn't tell from your post but is this just child friendly or can it be used by adults too?

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I think it's purely for the prevention of nappy rash mainly, not sure of it would help with anything adults might get.


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