Monday 1 September 2014

#MeetAMum - Jodie from Life with Pink Princesses

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I've loved being able to introduce you to new mums through my #meetamum regular feature and I have loved the support and reaction I have had from people too. If you'd be interested in taking part, or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in future posts, then please leave me a comment or talk to me on Twitter.

Right, let's get on with today's guest blogger. She goes by the name of Jodie and she's a proud mama to two, soon to be three, princesses...

1. Hello, what's your name and where do you come from?

Hi!! My name is Jodie. I'm 21 but very nearly 22. I was born and raised in Essex but made the decision to leave for a Kent lifestyle in September 2013.

2. Tell us about your children.

I have two daughters. My eldest Princess 1 was born prematurely on Christmas Eve 2008. My second daughter Princess 2 was born in February 2013. We also have another daughter due for arrival this October. My girls have very different personalities and are both very cheeky.

3. When did you know you wanted to be a mum?

I didn't. I found out I was pregnant at the tender age of 15. From the moment I saw P1 on the scan I knew I wanted to be a mum no matter what life decided to throw at me. Since that day my children have been my absolute world!

4. What's your favourite moment as a mum so far?

All the "firsts". They make you want to cry with happiness and sadness all at once. Realising they are growing up far too quickly. Despite all the tantrums and arguments we have, I do enjoy being a mum.

5. What do you wish people had told you before you became a mum?

That I'd never be able to have a bath, go to the toilet or do pretty much anything without a child attached to my leg or demanding something.

6. If we were to look in your changing bag, what would we find?


Spare set of clothes for P2.
Three crumpled nappies.
Half a packet of Tesco Value baby wipes.
Wrappers from a packet of crisps and chocolate snack I took to London.
Changing mat.
Anti-bacterial hand gel.
Tampons (I haven't taken them out from before I was pregnant, mainly in case someone else needed one?!)
A dummy.
House keys and purse.
Nappy sacks.

7. What were the top three things you had for your baby that you would recommend to other mums?

1) Boobies!! Seriously, I'd recommend breastfeeding to any mother. I do understand that sometimes it just doesn't work out, but really persevere because it's so much cheaper and so much more convenient than bottles. 

2) GroBag. It gave me peace of mind and P2 slept better (pffftttt, she still wakes twice a night and always has... at least!) when wearing her GroBag. Plus, it's safer than blankets.

3) Cot bed. Although we did have a Moses basket and did cosleep at the start with P2, for both my girls I've had cot beds and would highly recommend them. It saves so much money.

8. What three things could you have done without?

1) Cotton Wool. I was told not to use baby wipes during the first day... It's rubbish. Pack those wipes!!!!

2) Baby Books. What's the internet for?! Plus they only scared me as a first time mum. Talk to real mums, not just one or two... Loads!

3) Booties/Baby Shoes. What a pointless item invented. Babies don't walk! They certainly don't need more shoes than me.

9. What baby brands do you like and why?

Fisher-Price. I'm currently a Fisher-Price Mum and have been testing products. I also review for them on my blog and have a strong relationship. But I mostly like them because we haven't had one issue with any of their products. I think they're pretty damn amazing!!

I'm also really into Lansinoh and Medela. They have a fantastic and reliable range of breastfeeding equipment/accessories.

10. Are you a working mum? If so, how do you find it?

I was with my first. It gave me the independence and time apart that I actually really needed. It was tiring and sometimes upsetting to know that the childcare provider had witnessed certain milestones before me but the whole situation certainly benefited the both of us. I'm now a stay at home mum, we own our own cloth nappy company and I blog every single day, nearly. Being a mum is the hardest job in the world.

11. What do you enjoy most about being mum?

The times when they surprise you with something new or say something so sweet after you've nearly pulled all of your own hair out just trying to get them dressed. I say them... I really mean my eldest at the moment. It was only today that P2 woke up and immediately said to me "up", it was 6am but the newness of this word just melted my heart and I had to get up.

12. How do you make time for being 'you'?

Honestly, I don't. My "me time" involves watching the telly with my husband whilst doing a bit of sewing. Although I get some good "me time" whilst cleaning the bathroom!!

13. Tell us about your blog / what you do / where we can find you online?

My blog, Life With Pink Princesses, is all about my life. I created it as a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. It's really helped to keep me sane during times of no sleep or hospital visits with P1. I'm a bit of a social media addict. You'll find me daily on Twitter and Instagram. I'm also Facebook but not so regular there at the moment as I find I get more interaction through the other streams. I love interactions!

14. What's the best thing about being a blogger / what you do?

The best thing... There's loads of things I love about being a blogger. I would be lying if I said it wasn't the free products we review, but ultimately and most of all I love talking to other people through blog comments and social media.

15. Share a crazy fact about yourself.

I'm only 4ft 8in tall. That's about as crazy as my life gets.

Thank you so much Jodie, it was great to hear more about your little family and lots of luck for princess number three. I don't know how you do it, what a lady!


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