Thursday 9 October 2014

My letter to Ethan, at 17 months

Hey buddy!

It's that time of the month again, where I snatch a few moments while you're napping to document everything new with you since I last wrote you a letter.

So, what is new?

The seasons have changed and Autumn is well and truly upon us; something which makes your Mama very happy. The trees are starting to change colour and we've pulled out the blankets for snuggles on the sofa.

This past month, you've been practising your walking. That's right - you're STILL not walking without holding onto something. You just seem to be happy enough crawling around and walking along the sofa and around the lounge to get to what you want. And that's fine. You'll get there, you just need a little more practice.

You have learnt how to crawl up the stairs though! We visited your Aunties, Uncles and Godparents in the middle of September, in Yorkshire and Durham, and that's where you first went up the stairs - at Lindsay and John's house, whilst everyone watched you with pride. We had a lovely few days with everyone; you went to your first beer festival, although no ale for you, and you enjoyed your first bounce on a bouncy castle. You were the centre of attention and you loved it! We also went to stay at a lovely hotel and we had a fun time enjoying our week off work as a family.

You still love Winnie the Pooh. You absolutely go crazy for Thomas the choo choo. And books are still very much your obsession.

You seem to have forgotten how to say 'Mama' or 'Mummy', instead refering to everyone and everything as 'Da-ddy!' or 'Ca-Ca!'. You know more than you say and you've turned into a bit of a parrot, repeating words we say straight away. Some of the new words you say or understand include juice, stairs and castle and one of your favourites is cuddle - or 'cuggle' as you often pronounce it!

You love cuddles and will cuddle us, the pets or your teddies with such a sweet look on your face and we're often treated to kisses again too. You also like playing the 'Boosh!' game, where you jump on us over and over. It's lots of fun and you seem to really enjoy it!

You're certainly more of a little boy now than a baby. You sit next to me on the sofa as we watch something on TV (you seem to be fond of the X Factor, just like Mama!) or when you eat your breakfast. You can look really grown up at times and we know that you are trying to understand things more every day.

I have your next size-up wardrobe ready and waiting and think you'll start wearing your new clothes soon; they'll swamp you at first but you'll look awfully cute.

We've got lots of things coming up to look forward to and lots of new experiences to share and memories to make.

For now, sleep tight and dream sweet dreams. I love you so very much and always remember, everything that Daddy and I do is for you. We love you Squishy.

Mama xx


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