Tuesday 23 December 2014

The only book you need this Christmas

I realise as I write this that a) it's cutting it a bit fine and b) if you like the sound of it, there's not a lot you can do until next year, but we only just received our latest Parragon Books addition to Ethan's library, as part of the #bookbuddy scheme, and it's just too beautiful not to share.

Bringing together all the best Christmas tales, poems and carols, the Treasury of Christmas Stories and Songs is the perfect festive companion. It's full of beautiful illustrations and vivid colours and it's just a stunning book to have on display and to read with your little one.

We have ours up on the mantlepiece and Ethan keeps pointing at it saying 'Anta!' excitedly (he's obsessed with Santa but can't pronounce the 'S'), wanting to flick through the book again, usually to the 'Twas The Night Before Christmas story. I'd share photos of Ethan with the book but they're all blurry and when he's got his hands on it, no one can prise it away from him!

Last year, I started Ethan's collection by looking for festive stories and special treasuries (I always loved them as a child and have a thing for old books) but I am so glad to have found this book as it's just really beautiful and something special to enjoy. 

It's the only Christmas book you need to buy if you want all the classic stories in one place and it's sure to be treasured over the years. I can just see us in the future, gathered around the tree, picking which song to sing or Ethan in his festive jimjams, snuggled in bed, asking for us to read his favourite story for the fourth time before going to sleep and dreaming of St Nick.

So, apologies again if you've fallen in love with this book and there's no time to get it before Christmas - just be sure to pick up a copy, at the frankly ridiculously low price of just £6, for next year.

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