Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas at the O'Hanlon's

This post has been sitting here waiting since CD Day (Christmas Decoration day, 1st December in our house) but I've been busy working and merry making and I'm now poorly so my blog has been a little quiet this week.

But in the spirit of the season, I've decided to show you around our Christmassy home and let the pictures talk for themselves, to save this post from sitting in drafts forever or to so you don't end up reading it sometime in the New Year, long after the Christmas tree has been packed away in the loft.

We don't confine our decorating to the tree or lounge alone - oh no, if it can be made festive, it WILL be made festive! We've added a few things to Ethan's nursery, hubs' desk has had a Christmas makeover and there's lots of elves and baubles and other decorations to spot here there and everywhere... it makes tidying up in the New Year lots of fun!

We have my homemade advent calendar house, Christmas wreath, card holder and snow globe on display and lots of warm, seasonal throws and even our bedding has been changed to a lovely Nordic pattern. I really love the Nordic and homespun looks and red and white are my key colours every year. 

I've filled our tree with so many old and new decorations and I love nothing more than sitting back and watching it twinkle away in the evening. I don't ever think that photos can do a tree real justice and I am so proud of our tree this year as I love the eclectic mix of decorations, including the new ones we added last year when it was Ethan's first Christmas, pieces we have collected from the Frankfurt Christmas market and some fab new felt snowflakes and coloured bells from several new purchases we made at Wilkos this year.

So here's a mini tour around our home this Christmas and if you'd like to hear about our family traditions, just take a peek here...

Can you spot our dog?!



  1. Ah it looks so wonderfully festive. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, get well soon xx


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