Wednesday 11 February 2015

Say it with a sandwich

Dare I say it, but V day is nearly here. The most romantic day in the year, or so the card companies would have us believe.

Whether you're a cynic or play for Team Cupid, it's pretty hard to avoid the roses, the cards, the chocolates and the cuddly toys holding hearts. And with Valentine's Day on a Saturday this year, it makes it even easier for people to celebrate with their loved one.

Love is well and truly in the air.

I think it's all too easy to say that it's just a commercial occasion but do I agree that you shouldn't have to do something on one day a year to show you love someone.

Surely, it's the little things you do, every day, that matter most?

Sometimes, it's not so easy and other things seem to get in the way so Valentine's Day is just a good reason as any to remind someone you care.

I used to leave little notes in Stephen's lunchbox, telling him another reason why I loved him. Corny, perhaps, but he still has those notes, tucked away somewhere safe. Those notes may have ended but I still try to show I care, be it making a nice meal for us with all his favourite things or buying these silly cartoon postcards that say things like 'little love peanut' and 'I love you more than cheese'.

This year, just to to make something as humble as a sandwich feel a bit more special, I made hubs his favourite - peanut butter and jam - with the new Roberts Soft and Fluffy loaf and cut it into the shape of a heart. For the other love in my life, my little man, I made a marmite version. Both went down very well - Ethan asked for more - and brought a smile to their faces.

If you want to do the same, you could try this Roberts Bakery recipe, specially created for Valentine's Day by Channel 4 Nutritionist Dr Carina Norris, as a sweet treat for your sweetheart.

* Thank you to Roberts for sending us a loaf of their new Soft and Fluffy white bread plus this creative recipe.

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