Monday 9 February 2015

The week that was #3

I writing this snuggled on the sofa, my dog at my side, Ethan playing with his train set and Frozen on the TV. As it has been most days this week. Boy, does my boy love that film!

Here's my lastest #TWTW post...

DOING We've all been a little lazy today as little man woke before 5am, having been sick in his bed what we can only assume was hours earlier, and he joined us for a few hours of fitfull sleep in our bed. He's been suffering with a head cold and a bit of conjunctivitis and I think he may have passed some his lovely germs to me, so I've been keeping myself topped up with Lemsip, the apple and cinnamon kind.

Earlier this week, I spent two days in London for work which went really well; I missed Ethan loads but I was sent lots of photos, like the one above, and it was nice to have a night off, as I got to go for a meal at my favourite restaurant in London, The Refinery in Southwark, and had a really nice evening.

On Saturday, we did a spot of shopping to finish buying Ethan's next size up clothes. He's well and truly sorted now and I've packed away his new wardrobe - it won't be long before he will start to wear it all, he's getting so tall.

WEARING I've been trying to wear my dresses and skirts more, rather than keeping them for 'best' and this week, I finally tracked down the Cath Kidston Autumn Bloom dress that had eluded me in the January sales, completely unexpectedly, and for just £30 so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I've also got some new spectacles on a count of my doctor asking me to go for an eye test to check for something (plus a zillion other tests to find out what's causing my high blood pressure), and me finding out at the same time that my prescription had changed slightly. So, I have some new specs appeal and I'm getting used to my new glasses. 

LOVING Anyone else a big fan of bold prints? Like Orla Kiely? Then you need to head to your nearest Tesco, pronto. They've brought in new shopper bags featuring new orla designs, having first done so this time last year, and I was so pleased to spot one of these, I just had to snap it up.

TRYING I've been trying out the new Oral B 3D Whitening Toothpaste and I'm really I,pressed with it. It makes my teeth feel really clean and I can see a colour difference too.

WATCHING I've finished Elementary this week and I'm now on The Following and Blacklist.

READING I've been meaning to get this book for sometime, having seen some buzz about it all over the place, so I'm pleased to finally read I Quit Sugar for Life. It's a really informative, recipe filled and beautifully designed book all about eating fresh and cutting out sugar for a multitude of reasons and in some very easy ways. It's really accessible, talks a lot of sense and I want to take its thinking on board not only for myself but also for Ethan, as I'm growing more and more conscious about what I feed him.


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  1. Hope that your Ethan is feeling brighter. I love getting photos on the rare occasions im away at my friends in bath. That's a loveky photo :) x


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