Tuesday 14 April 2015

A belated 'the week that was' post #12

This is a little later than usual, seeing as we are well into a new week, but it's a busy time at the moment for various reasons and I just ran out of time.

At the weekend, I decided to try and rest - actually rest, properly - and was going to catch up on Monday as I had a rare day at home, just to myself. Sadly, Ethan was out of sorts so I collected him again from nursery, felt guilty for having taken him there when I was free anyway, then we had a day of sofa and snuggles to see things right.

So, what have I been getting up to?

Well, I thought I'd let the pictures do most of the talking this time...

It's been a week of spending lots of time with this little fella, including a great day out as a family to Thomas Land - he'll be two in just a few weeks and I shared my latest letter to him at 23 months.

We gave our bedroom a bit of a makeover, which you can see in full here.

I got myself some new specs as I wasn't keen on one pair I picked up a couple of months ago, so the blue pair (third one down) has been added to my collection.

The weather has been glorious so I have had plenty of occasion to wear these.

As well as a broken toe (sob! have you seen the funky shoe-boot I have to wear for four weeks? Take a look on my Instagram feed if you fancy a laugh), I have a broken phone. It just packed up with no warning so I have this retro handset to play with whilst waiting for it to be fixed by the Carphone Warehouse wizards.

My diet is really up and down at the moment. Probably more down than anything. And at the weekend, a trip to M&S had me answering the question 'what to have for dinner?' with 'everything!'.

At the weekend, we popped over to see some of Ste's family as we realised we hadn't seen them in forever. Here's Ethan chilling out with his Great Uncle Mick.

A few sofa days never hurt anyone and we've certainly had a few of these recently. Bliss.


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  1. Sofa days are great, I I hope he's feeling brighter now this week. That dinner looks well tasty my diet is down too ha! X


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