Monday 6 April 2015

The week that was #11

So, this week didn't quite start off on the right foot, so to speak....

DOING For some reason, Ethan's started having disturbed sleep patterns, none quite as bad as Momday night when he just wouldn't go to sleep. He'd nod off on one of our shoulders but would wake as soon as he was in bed, or he'd lie down and drift off to sleep in his bed, only to wake and start crying the second we creeped out the door.

This continued so many times, I can't even count. At 12.30am, we'd gone around the cycle of our usual techniques to help him sleep at least twice so, dressed in our dressing gowns, we went for a ride in the car. It was the first time I'd tried this but it was all I could think to do. It worked, until Ethan then had a coughing fit when he was back in his cot, bringing some stuff up, which meant he needed changing. And so he was wide awake again.

Around 2.15am, I decided to take him downstairs and around half way down, a sneaky cat sleeping on the step caught me unawares and I fell, Ethan in my arms, around six or seven steps down. Ethan was completely fine, I'd instinctively gripped him close, but after hubs had helped me up, I realised that what I thought was just bruising was actually something a bit more painful. I couldn't really move my big toe but after Ethan had finally fallen asleep at 3.45am, I headed to bed to rest and thought nothing of it. 

In the morning, I came to put my shoe on and I couldn't get my foot in, my toe was so sore. I could still seem to move it so I just carried on as normal but by the end of the day, when I saw the colour it had gone as the bruise had come out, I knew it was something more. Two hours in A&E that night confirmed it was a fracture, around two thirds of the way across my big toe. 

I have to wait until Tuesday to go to the fracture clinic where they will probably give me a shoe boot to wear and it's around four to six weeks heal time. I've been doing ok, the swelling and pain has gone down some and I've just been really careful to not put any pressure on it. No disco dancing, or big food shops, for me at the moment though!

PLAYING We've had a relatively quiet long weekend at home, playing games and watching films. Ethan's been obsessed with Paddington, or Paddin as he calls him, since he saw it the week before last for the first time but he also has another new favourite with Boody, otherwise known as Woody from Toy Story.

TESTING I've had my eye on the Renault Captur for a while now and I may be able to trade my car in early so at the weekend, we popped along to take a look and see what my new wheels could look like. Fingers crossed!

EATING I recently bought myself a food processor and hubs used the blender attachment to whip up some banana, peanut butter, almond milk and chia seed smoothies at the weekend. They were really delicious and Ethan certainly agreed, gulping half of mine in record time.

It's given me the idea to blend fruits together to make smoothie drinks for Ethan or to add to yoghurt, to get even more good things into him. He likes his fruit and veg but sometimes the texture puts him off if it's too hard.

And of course, with it being Easter, we've been eating a fair few eggs too. If would have been rude not to.

PLANNING I've toyed with the idea of starting sewing for absolutely ages. I have friends who have this skill and I'm always amazed and impressed at what they can make and have wishes I could do the same. Instead of wishing, I thought I'd do something about it and give things a go.

Hubs bought me the Cath Kidston Sewing book and I picked up Patch too, so plenty of good starting points and ideas for me to be getting on with. One day, however, I plan on making a quilt from Ethan's old clothes (I've been storing special pieces since he was born for this purpose) so I have big plans too. Best learn how to use it first, before getting too ahead of myself!

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  1. Anonymous6.4.15

    Oh no your poor toe!That's all you need when you're up all night!
    Looking forward to see how you get on with the sewing machine - it's something I'd like to do but never get around to!


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