Friday 8 May 2015

Fun in the sun

Ethan's birthday gifts had a garden-centred theme. Last year when he turned one, he couldn't walk so we couldn't really do too much outdoors - not without him in his pushchair, at least.

So this year, we've focused on making our garden a fun play area for Ethan. We have work to do on the garden and plan on creating a fenced play area with wood chip at some point (probably next summer now), but for the time being, Ethan has all the key features he needs to have lots of fun in the sun.

A slide:

A swing (that needed extending from when it was first put up last year): 

He also has a sandpit, in the shape of a turtle, no less.

And this paddling pool, bought as a gift by his Nanny and Grandad.

Plus his artist table that we have in the lounge can be used for sand and water play too.

What more could a little boy want this summer?

He's already pleased as punch so come on sun, we want to have some fun!

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