Thursday 7 May 2015

Me and mine: April

I'm cheating just a little bit with this latest Me and Mine photo, as it was taken on 3rd May at Ethan's early birthday party. We didn't manage to get one of the three of us before April ended and as this month is young, we have plenty of time to capture another family photo for May so I'm going to go ahead and cheat for now.

So, here we are, in all our party hat wearing glory.

Cheesy grins at the ready.

This was a special day for us so I am glad we managed to get a photo of us all together, which proves more and more challenging as Ethan gets older.

But at least this project really helps to encourage me to make the time and do what I can to get us together and say 'cheese!' at the same time.

dear beautiful

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  1. AW how lovely! Hope he had a lovely birthday, what a beautiful family!! Your make up looks fab!


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