Wednesday 6 May 2015

Mummy and Me: April

It's turning into a bit of a photo crazy week on here this week, but we've been snap happy recently and I wanted to join in with a few link ups seeing as I actually have a few photos worthy of sharing.

Ethan's at a tricky age where getting a photo of him, looking at the camera, looking happy and without any blur is almost impossible... just try getting me in front of the camera too. It just doesn't happen.

It's been eight months, EIGHT MONTHS, since I really had a 'profile worthy' pic of me and the little man. It's not about vanity (I really just want natural photos that capture real life), but I just haven't been in that many photos or the photos I have been in have been poor quality or involve one of the issues mentioned above.

For whatever reason, at the end of April, this changed and I managed to get a few photos with Ethan, just us two. A couple blurry (standard, but included because you can tell they would have been great photos if they had been in focus) and a lovely one that's now my new social profile pic.

You could say it's been a good month!

So, here's my Mummy and Me post for April... let's hope I have some new photos in May to share with you too!

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3 - almost got it!:

Attempt 4 - we have a winner!:

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