Tuesday 5 May 2015

Turning two - a letter from me to you

Hello Ethan

It's officially your second birthday. 

As of 12.47am this morning, to be precise. 

You're twice as old as you were this time last year and an infinite amount more fun and amazing too. Every day, you're growing and learning and just becoming the most amazing little boy.

Who knew it could get any better?

When I wrote to you before your first birthday last year, I was feeling a mix of emotions and I'm much the same now. It feels like we've been waiting for your second birthday for a while now, impatient as we are, and although I still look back at your early days with great joy and a whole heap of love, I wouldn't swap it for now because you're your own little person.

You're you. Ethan, at two.

Lover of Boody and Buzz, of choo choo and Gordan, of Mr Pumble, Teddy Hat and Schen the reindeer.

Singer of 'Let It Go', keen colourer and a book worm who loves his bedtime stories. Particularly The Gruffalo.

Collector of Happyland little people and hoarder of cuddly toys, all of whom have a place in the lounge or in a particular spot in your cot.

Big fan of cuddles, the word 'no' (sometimes followed quickly by 'yes' when you realise you do actually want what we asked you about after all) and animals, especially Hockhock (Sherlock), Arty and the Woof too.

Cockney sounding when you say 'ello Mummy!' and brummie in your accent when you say 'bye-byyye'.

Strangely concerned about grass, your trouser legs being rolled up or your feet being covered and always accompanied by Putin (penguin) when you have a bath.

It's been an amazing 12 months. This time last year, you couldn't walk let alone talk. Now, just look at you!

You're 84cm or thereabouts tall. You pick up new words every day and understand so much more, so we can have real conversations now and you know what we mean or what we want you to do.

There are so many moments, big and small, that Daddy and I appreciate every day and want to remember. There's almost too many to count, but this letter attempts to contain a few so we can look back and you can see too what you were like and how much you were loved.

Some of our favourite memories this year include your first steps, when we went to Center Parcs for my 30th birthday last July, your first words and all the words you have said since and all the things you have discovered this year.

So here's to you, wonderful you, now you're two.

Just as it was hard for us to picture what you would be like before you were born, when you turned one and this time last year, looking ahead and imagining you at two, we have no idea where the year ahead will take us and how you will change further still.

All we do know is we can't wait.

Have a truly wonderful day our wonderful little man. We love you even more than we did yesterday but not half as much as we will tomorrow.

Thank you for giving us all we could ever want and for being all that I need.

I love you Ethan.

The biggest of happy birthdays,

Mama xx


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