Tuesday 26 May 2015

The week and Bank Holiday weekend that was #18

I'm enjoying sharing my weekly goings on here, although some weeks I have more to say or share than others. 

But that's real life, isn't it? It's not always fun, interesting or exciting, it's not always new adventures, milestones made or lessons learnt. It doesn't mean that it's not worth documenting though. So for that reason, I'm pleased to still be here, sharing a weekly round up with you. 

This past week has been pretty packed from a work point of view again, so the only things that I really have to share were at the very start and very end of this past week.

WORKING My job saw me looking after the rather lovely Karen Hauer and Kevin Clifton, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, for a client event I helped organise at the press and VIP day of Chelsea Flower Show. 

They danced, it rained, the media came and I spotted many a random celeb (from Prince Harry to Joanna Lumley). 

I remained damp for days after, I swear, but it was a great event. I think I'm only just sleeping off the exhaustion now.

They were such nice people (the sparkly bracelet I'm wearing above was a gift from Karen herself) and I'm going to be glued to Strictly when the next series starts for sure. Fun fact for you here, but one of my besties used to dance at Kevin's parent's dancing school when she was a teen and even backing danced for Kevin on occasion. True story.

DOING Moving away from the glamour of my day job (I'm scoffing here, if only you could have seen the state of me after that event!), the rest of the week has been quite mundane. Chores, bills, appointments. Never ends sometimes, does it?

COOKING Hubs and I were extremely grateful for the long weekend and enjoyed a burger or two despite the fact we weren't able to brush off the BBQ as we had hoped.

WORRYING Ethan's been really off his food these past few days, hardly having anything and with his persistent cough causing a couple of sick incidents. We're going to take him to the doctors again this week as we're not happy with the advice or suggestions they've given to us so far.

VISITING We spent the Bank Holiday by sandwiching a day out at Cbeebiesland in between two lazy days at home, for the most part. 

We'd been invited to by In The Night Garden to celebrate the first anniversary of their ride at Cbeebies Land, with something extra special revealed on the day itself.
What could it be?

Well, earlier in the day, In The Night Garden broke a Guinness World Record for the largest polar fleece blanket, helped by Mr Piggle himself, and we were all there to celebrate the achievement. 

Apparently, this huge blanket measured 98.8m square; big enough to cover 56 standard children’s beds and it took the team just eight days to make, weighed 20kg and used 70m of thread around the outside of the blanket. I wonder what they're doing with it now?

There was a beautifully decorated tent, a huge buffet and face painting, balloon making, colouring and lots of entertainers too... plus a few familiar faces, not least Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy. 

All the children there had a great time and Ethan, despite being a little out of sorts to begin with, really enjoyed himself and even pushed past the queue to get to see IP and UD - he wasn't going to let anything stop him!

Ethan was particularly fond of the colouring table.

We have never been to Cbeebies Land before and after the party, we had a wander around before then taking a stroll round the rest of Alton Towers. 

Visiting Ethan's hero's star on the Cbeebies Walk of Fame.

I didn't realise how green the park was, as the only time I have been before was when I was nine, and we were lucky that the afternoon stayed dry for us so we could enjoy our visit. 

The queues were quite long for most of the rides or attractions at Cbeebies Land, so we gave this a miss. It was a lovely day and we'd very much like to go again, when it's less busy. 

PLAYING We've had quite an intense time of it of late so we had a quiet Bank Holiday Monday to recover and recharge. Ethan started colouring his Mr Tumble giant jigsaw and we tidied up his playroom so we could play in his Thomas tent and get all of his dinosaur toys out.

We took the following sentiment quite literally but it's something that I've tried to bear in mind recently. Otherwise, time just passes by and you realise how much you might have missed.

All in all, the weekend was pretty damn good. It ended with a cider once Ethan was in bed. And Ben and Jerry's ice cream. And Modern Family on Netflix. Can't get better than that if you ask me.

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