Friday 22 May 2015

BBQ this Bank Holiday weekend? Here's hoping!

Us Brits love a good barbecue don't we? With the Bank Holiday weekend just ahead of us, I thought I'd share some BBQ food inspiration and recipe ideas as I for one would very much like to tuck into something flame grilled whilst sat in my garden this weekend.

So here's my take on the perfect Bank Holiday weekend barbecue...

The essentials
* Burgers - add the cheese of your choice (cheddar or cheese slices are classics of course but why not try stilton, smoked cheese or mozzarela for a different taste?)
* Sausages - hot dogs or Cumberland, whatever you fancy
* Chicken wings - smothered in Frank's Hot Buffalo Sauce (honestly, it's be BEST sauce you can buy - I craved it when I was expecting Ethan and I'm still addicted to it now)

Add ons (if you're really making a party of it)
* BBQ or bourbon coated ribs
* Marinated pork
* Peppered steaks
* Spatchcock chicken (Nandos style)
* Lamp chops (with a mint glaze)

On the sidelines
* Mediterranean vegetable kebabs - add some halloumi if catering for veggie friends
* Salad bowl
* Griddled corn on the cob

* Finger rolls and burger buns
* Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and relish
* Coleslaw

Here's some ideas on how to make the most of any nice weather we might have to help your BBQ go with a bang:

Chunky guacamole 

This is what you need to make a nice big bowl for two to share, when you're feeling greedy, or four if you feel like sharing:

Dice everything up, finely for a smoother texture or chunky if you want it more rough and ready. Mix together in a bowl.

Halve your avocados, remove the stone then score each side of the avocado across one way then the next, then turn the skin inside out to remove the flesh.

Lightly mash with a fork then add to everything else, squeezing your lemon or lime over the top and seasoning before serving.

Choppy coleslaw

I adore coleslaw and it's pretty easy to make your own. You just need cabbage, both red and white if you can, a red onion, a carrot (optional) then some mayonnaise and a dash of vinegar. You could also add a dab of mustard or some chopped jalapeƱos for a different twist.

Slice everything up, cutting across the veg and using a peeler or grater for the carrot if you're going to add it to the mix. Then spoon your mayonnaise over the top until you have the consistency you want.


For me, a good burger is the essential heart of a BBQ and adding some coleslaw, salad, potato wedges or a baked potato makes for a great meal in the garden and if you can't fire up your BBQ this weekend, you can still recreate the barbecue feeling in your kitchen.

I picked up a wide selection of barbecue food at my local Co-operative and if you'd rather keep things simple, there's plenty of great options that are ready to grill, whether the BBQ stays under wraps or gets dusted off this weekend.

These topped burgers were de-lish and I can't wait to try the marinated pork loins with the Moroccan roasted vegetables and corn on the cob.

And if we can get outside, I'm planning on mixing together the feta and olives in this antipasti selection with some chopped cucumber and tomatoes, drizzled with some olive oil, for a quick and easy Greek salad that will go great with chicken kebabs.

Mmm... my mouth is watering already!

Will you be firing up the barbie? If so, what's your favourite dish?

* I was inspired by the barbecue food ideas at the Central England Co-operative but all thoughts and suggestions are my own. Be sure to follow them on Twitter or search the hashtag #mycooptreats.


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