Monday 11 May 2015

The week that was #16

This past week has been pretty great for my little family - any week that starts with a Bank Holiday is bound to be good, right?

As you may have seen from my last weekly round up, Ethan's second birthday celebrations started early with a family party last Sunday then on Monday, we spent the day playing in the garden with Ethan's new playhouse and slide.

Well, Tuesday was his proper birthday and my little man officially turned two. You can see all three parts of his birthday fun in this video but here's a few more snaps for you to add to everything else I've already shared on here this past week (I've been quite snap happy of late!).

After opening his presents and playing with balloons on Tuesday, we headed out to catch a very special train. We'd booked tickets to go on the Seven Valley Railway and as Ethan's a big fan of choo choo's, we knew he'd have a great time.

The Kidderminster station was amazing, like stepping back in time, and we were lucky that the weather had started to brighten up in time for our journey.

We chose one of the train compartments to have to ourselves and it felt like we were boarding the Hogwarts Express.

We had a packed lunch and enjoyed the trip all the way to the final stop, Bridgenorth, around one hour twenty minutes away.

The train went through some lovely countryside, including the edge of the West Midlands Safari Park where we got to see the baby elephant who was celebrating his first birthday on the same day as Ethan was celebrating his second, which was an unexpected sight to see.

We had a lot of fun and as the weather took a turn for the worse when we arrived at Bridgenorth, we decided to stay on the train and enjoy the return journey, but not before we had a picture together at the front of the train.

Suffice to say, Ethan really enjoyed his trip on the train and we were so pleased too. It was a great day out and I'd definitely recommend it. What a nice way to spend his birthday.

On Thursday, I had a phototherapy assessment appointment as I've been approved for light therapy for my psoriasis again. They talked through how it all works again as a recap and I should hear about my time slots soon, which will involve three appointments a week.

I'm hoping that I will start to see an improvement by the time of my sister-in-law's wedding at the end of June, as I'm a bridesmaid and would prefer not to feel too self-conscious about the skin on my arms, chest and legs.

Here's hoping!

This week also saw me pick up some new wheels so let me introduce to you my new car, Carrie...

She's a beaut isn't she?

Ethan certainly found her to be a very comfortable ride on his first outing...

The not so great part of this past week is the fact that little man has chickenpox. We first spotted a few suspicious spots on Wednesday but we weren't too sure as there weren't that many and he seemed fine otherwise. 

By Thursday morning, there were a few more and a couple had blistered so we knew it was definitely chickenpox. I worked from home and kept an eye on him then Ste took over on Friday while I went into work. He has to be off nursery for a week, until the spots scab over, so we're taking it in turns.

To be honest, whilst the spots are pretty horrible, he's been so lucky to only have them on his body, neck and head. He has a few on his forehead / face and some in his nappy area which must be particularly unpleasant but really, he doesn't seem to notice. He absentmindedly scratches at his head but because there's no spots on his arms or legs, for now at least, he's been leaving them alone and he's had no fever or anything else either.

I feel really lucky to be saying this and I'm touching wood too just in case I jinx anything, but so far, Ethan has been an angel throughout this. 

Just like normal really.


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