Sunday 28 June 2015

Bath time fun time

Ethan loves bath time and we are very lucky that this has always been the case. We all know it's recommended as part of a successful bedtime routine and for our little man, it seems to work.

He can stay in the water, splashing around and playing with his toys for a long time, and when he comes out, his hands and feet are all wrinkly like prunes, which he finds most strange.

We won a whole hamper of bath toys this time last year, and these help to make bath time a fun time in our house, but I've also found something new.

Cussons Mum and Me has a new special bath time range called Little Explorers, which features gentle bubble baths and cleansers as well as a few clever additions that are designed to make things even more fun and to help little ones learn how to wash themselves.

Having received samples, I took my little explorer, a bath full of bubbles and his favourite bath toy, Putin the sea captain penguin, and had some splashy fun.

First of all, the Mega Mild Bubbly Bath. It has a nice, subtle scent and foamed quite quickly in th hub under running water.

Next, I wanted to give the Funny Fizz Bath Crackles a go, never mind Ethan! Like popping candy for your bath, these sachets contain clever but kind ingredients to make crackling sounds when poured into the tub and they also turn the water blue as they fizz away.

Ethan thought these were great (perhaps they reminded him of Rice Crispies?) and he tried to catch the pops in his hands and asked for more once they had stopped, after a few minutes.

I let Ethan splash away and play as he wanted for a while before trying the Squidgy Soap. It's like hair mousse but is actually a soap that's fun to play with in your hands (I had to test it first, naturally) but also helps your little one to learn about cleaning too. Ethan wasn't too sure but I think it's a great idea and something we will encourage him to try.

I then used the Little Explorers Happy Splashy Hair and Body Wash to clean him from top to toe. It was  the same in scent to the bubbly bath and seemed to lather and get the job done well as Ethan continued playing with his bath toys.

Almost 40 minutes had passed and it still took some convincing to get my wrinkled little guy out of the bath and ready for bed.

It's great that he likes bath time and we try to keep it fun so these new products from Cussons mum and Me make a great addition to our routine. They are well priced and left Ethan clean and with a smile on his faced - could I ask for anything more? (Well, perhaps never having to read Paddington again at bedtime...!)

* Thank you Cussons, all opinions are mine and Ethan's.

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