Tuesday 30 June 2015

Me & Mine June 2015

Last month, our Me & Mine photo was taken at Ethan's second birthday party. This month, we took the opportunity on our day out to National Trust's Baddesley Clinton to take some family photos using our camera's remote control and with a lovely meadow as a backdrop.

It really is tricky for us to get a photo all together and the weeks just fly by so I'm glad that we remembered and had such a nice location for our photos.

They are by no means perfect but that's not really the point, is it? I want to remember us how we were, not try to emulate the look of another family or just capture stilted shots.

So, here's the latest additions to our family album...

dear beautiful


  1. We love the national trust too, its brilliant for relaxing family days out (well as relaxing as you can get with children!) I love the lush green backdrop, lovely pictures x

  2. Oh you just can't beat National Trust properties for providing a great backdrop can you!


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