Tuesday 30 June 2015

Mummy and Me June 2015

Little man is a blur in many photos at the moment but I do have a new Mummy and Me photo to share with you from June which - I actually have two, which is more than I have some months!

I'm all too often the one taking the photos, and seeing opportunities, so again, I'm reminding myself to get in on the photo action more.

Here's a photo from my Sister-in-Law's wedding last weekend. The quality may not be great but it's a lovely moment that a member of the family managed to capture. I hope that their official photographer managed to get one or two of me with Ethan, or us as a family, but I really do like this one:

And you may have seen this photo already as it's my new profile pic. It was taken on Father's Day and took a few attempts to make sure we both had our eyes open and that Ethan wasn't a big blur, and we are both putting on our very best cheesy grins:

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