Monday 22 June 2015

The week that was #22

The past week, in my usual notes and photos...

DOING Oh, how I needed this past weekend. Various stresses, lots of travelling, a puncture to one of my car wheels when I was three hours away from home... it had been a looong week and I was exhausted. You could tell how much so by the 9.30am wakes ups I had on both Saturday and Sunday - most unusual and clearly very needed.

Hubs sent me this earlier in the week and it most definitely sums up how I've been feeling of late:

I hear that!

I worked all week through and had long days too so it wasn't until Saturday that I really had the chance to enjoy my family.

I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to attend Brit Mums Live this year - I enjoyed it last year but found it really intense, and it's just as well I didn't have tickets as I would have probably collapsed.

Saturday I was shattered despite the lie in but started busing myself with tidying the house. Off the back of busy working weeks and weekends out and about, the clutter had accumulated and I was desperate to try and put things back in their place. Which I did, for some five hours, and whilst there's lots more to clear, and cleaning to do, as always, I felt pretty pleased with what I achieved. I'm one of those people who is greatly affected by their surroundings so even when I'm at my most tired, I feel so much better for straightening things out when they've all become a bit of a mess.

A tidy house is a tidy mind.

Sunday was of course Father's Day. We opened hubs' presents in bed, Facetimed my Dad and tucked into strawberry and blueberry pancakes with syrup, Ste's favourite.

BEAUTY I then headed for a shower and decided to practice my make up look for my Sister-in-Law's wedding next weekend, for which I am a bridesmaid. I have an emerald green 50's style dress, complete with petticoat, so want to perfect the bold brow, black eyeliner flicks and red pout to keep in with the theme. To be fair, it's very close to my signature, go-to look anyway, but I wanted to try a few new things and techniques to get a good base, flattering contouring and longevity to last the whole day.

I think I may share some top tips, products and also my pick of the best red lippies, seeing as I've put in the time and have learnt a few things along the way. Leave it with me!

I've also recently been introduced to Artistry, one of the world's best-selling premium beauty brands that's sold through local reps, and have these three Hydra-V products on my dressing table at the moment. The foaming gel cleanser is effective yet gentle, the serum feels lovely on the skin and the refreshing gel moisturiser gives a good base for make up. 

I'll tell you more once I have used them for a while - it seems to be a really interesting range so keen to see what the fuss is all about.

EATING I did the 'big shop' at the weekend whilst also working out how to make the most of our leftovers, taking inspiration from the Co-op's Love Food Hate Waste campaign (come back tomorrow for some of my top tips).

We went to my in-laws for Sunday dinner - fab burgers with all the fillings you could want - and rounded things off with a selection of baked treats. No, I hadn't been baking, I'd instead had a helping hand from Aunt Bessie and her new range of cakes (see below for a mouth-watering pic). I'll tell you more about these later in the week, don't you worry.

So, another weekend of family fun has ended and another week has begun, but at least from this Friday, I will be on holiday. A break from our usual routine, our week off starts with Erin's wedding which we are so looking forward to, with my birthday in the middle and a trip to Durham to stay with friends to end things off perfectly.

Can. Not. Wait.

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