Thursday 18 June 2015

Sneak peak at hubs' Father's Day gift from Beaverbrooks

You may have seen my Father's Day gift guide last week but as the big day is just a few days away now, I thought you'd like to take a look at one of the things Ethan will be giving Daddy on Sunday...

(Look away now, hubs, if you're reading - spoiler alert!)

Stephen doesn't wear a lot of jewellery so what he does wear means something to him. His wedding band for instance, and a personalised set of dog tags I had engraved with Ethan's birth details for his first Father's Day present.

I was keen to find something special for him, as a gift from Ethan that he would love to wear and that would serve as a nice reminder of the special bond that they share.


So, I had a look in Beaverbrooks for some Father's Day gift inspiration and came across a new collection of leather and silver bracelets. Manly bracelets, not dainty little things. No, very manly indeed.

Ste has a Fossil watch and I was keen to find something to compliment this. Brown leather preferable.

And the Beaverbrooks team at The Fort were very happy to help me.

The super friendly assistant, Lillebeth, told me to get comfy while she pulled together the bracelets that fit the bill of what I was looking for and even offered my a glass of bubbly or a cup of tea. A really nice touch, particularly if you had a toddler in tow or had been shopping all day. There were lots of nice seats to choose from and I spied one man having his watch repaired and another looking at some sparkly rings - me thinks a proposal will soon be on the cards for him!

I had a look at all the different options, and tried a few on, even though Ste's wrists are much bigger than mine.

I liked one that had a slim plaited rope design, two strands, with a hook fastener but thought that was perhaps too casual for what I, I mean Ethan, wanted.

So, I chose this lovely leather and steel bracelet.

Nice and special. Not too showy. Just right.

It was really easy to find what I was looking for, the store was great and the staff were so helpful - with real attention to detail, from getting to know who I was buying for through to packaging up our present beautifully.

Hopefully Ethan will agree with my choice and I know hubs will be really pleased when he opens this on Sunday morning. He has a couple of other things to open but this is the one present that will be the most special of all.

Every dad deserves a treat and I'm sure Ste will love to wear this, keeping a token from his son close to hand. Literally.

* Thank you to Beaverbrooks for showing me the new range for men - and for helping Ethan choose the perfect Father's Day present.


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