Tuesday 14 July 2015

A birthday retreat to Hoar Cross Hall & Matthew Curtis Salon

The week before last was my birthday and what better day to do a bit of pampering? Every birthday girl needs a treat, don't they?

Well, this year, I enjoyed not just a treat but a retreat - to Hoar Cross Hall, near Burton-upon-Trent. 

Hidden in the Staffordshire countryside, Hoar Cross Hall is a beautiful hotel (just Google it, the place is stunning) with a spa wing, perfect for spa breaks or days and now, an exciting new hair salon concept has opened.

Matthew Curtis (a leading British hairdresser who you might recognise as the face of TRESemme and who also owns a popular salon in Stratford-upon-Avon) has collaborated with Hoar Cross Hall, a spa I've long known about having seen many a friend or friend of a friend enjoy a break there, to launch the Hair Retreat; what your 'do has been waiting for.

It's certainly what me and my 'do had been waiting for!

I was excited to be visiting Hoar Cross Hall at last and was greeted by the lovely team and along with some other visitors, I was treated to a tour of the spa facilities. I loved the different areas to the spa, which includes several new rooms that are being furbished ready for some new treatments (the Egyptian Trilogy sounds A-MAZING, combining three treatments through three rooms - I hope to return once everything has been completed), plus a grotto within the main pool, the salt water swimming pool and the detox area.

I left my phone and camera in my locker as I didn't want to take photos where people were relaxing, but trust me, it's pretty lovely

Once I had left my items in the large and welcoming changing room, I headed straight to the detox experience, following the instructions to get the full effect. Going from the steam room (always a favourite of mine) to the cold shower to the sauna and so on, it was a great way to relax and unwind.

Just what I needed.

I still had some time before my appointment with Matthew and his team, so I enjoyed a quick dip in both pools and then relaxed for a while on the heated mosaic seats. It's amazing how quickly your mind can drift away when you escape to a place like that.

After getting dressed again, and putting a bit of make up on so as to not scare anyone, I headed to the salon for a glass of bubbly (just the one, I was driving) and had a good look at the cocktail menu. Blowdry cocktail menu, that is.

The salon has put together a selection of blowdry looks and hairstyle so not only can you enjoy a nourishing treat tailored to your hair needs, you can also have your hair styled or put up in a fabulous style.

My stylist talked through my hair care needs (fine hair, needs volume, colour that needs nourishing) and led me to a reclining chair by the sink. Now, I've got to get me one of those! The chair is super comfortable but also features massaging features, so whilst your hair is being washed and your chosen treatment is sinking in, you're enjoying a wonderful back massage at the same time. Bliss.

After my volumising and conditioning treatment was finished (I love how Matthew has created his own individual solutions for great hair and scalp health and condition, describing it has creating a 'flawless base', plus they can do a camera analysis on your hair), I sat at the centre styling station and chose to have the Dry Martini; a loose, Grecian-inspired 'do, half up half down. 

I don't know how my stylist did it, but she created a relaxed yet stylish look, with plates at the side and my hair pinned beautifully at the back. 

The tonal shades of my hair (which is holding it's colour so well despite it being three months since I had it styled this way) made this look even more striking.

I was so, so happy with the result.

Me and the man himself

With it being my birthday, I had my boys to get back to and a bottle of bubbly with my name on, but Matthew and his team had another treat for me - a beautiful bunch of flowers, also with my name on. I had already had such a nice day but this was so very thoughtful and really put the icing on it all for me.

I had only been gone for a few hours but it made all the difference. I'd had the chance to unwind, my hair looked and felt great and it was a lovely way to spend my birthday afternoon.

I had such a nice time and would definitely like to spend more time in the spa in the future. My best friends and I have a spa weekend once a year, in the autumn, so Hoar Cross Hall is somewhere I would like to return and enjoy for longer, including a trip to the salon.

What better way to finish a day of relaxation than to pamper yourself at the salon ahead of dinner?

If only every day could be this way!


Thank you to Matthew and his team for inviting me along for a hair retreat experience, and to the lovely spa team too. All thoughts 

Hair treatments start from £25 and go up to £120 whilst the blowdry cocktail menu is priced at £25 per style, so certainly a treat to splash out on if you're looking to indulge or make the most of your break away. To find out more, visit the Hoar Cross Hall website.

Here's what Matthew had to say about the opening of Hair Retreat at Hoar Cross Hall: 

"My newest venture, the Hair Retreat at Hoar Cross Spa, is all about unifying hair with the spa experience. I love creating new wearable looks both my fashion and salon clients love. 

"Beyond this and, actually forefront in my thoughts when developing the Hair Retreat, is my passion for hair and scalp health. I believe that everyone can have beautiful, healthy hair – they just need to know how to care for and maintain it. 

"By combining advanced micro imagery technology with 100% natural ingredients, I have created a unique hair programme to significantly improve the condition of each individual’s hair and scalp. The revolutionary hair programmes target a range of complex and common hair and scalp issues such as volume, shine and hair loss. This is a truly unique and personal experience that allows spa users to discover the science behind their own hair. 

"The Hair Retreat also features a luxury cocktail themed blow dry bar where guests at the spa, as well as non-guests, can have their hair styled in the latest looks from the catwalks, whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly."


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