Monday 13 July 2015

To become Mum, to be me

This blog has been a place for me to document my journey into mummyhood for almost three years and I've learnt that the journey to become mum never ends - there's no final 'destination mum', it's several stops along the way.

There's always something new to learn and new stages to get to grips with and because of this, my blog title of 'to become mum' feels like it will always be relevant. It's about all the things I needed to learn to become mum and all the things that I now know or enjoy as Ethan grows.

But it's also about me, about my journey and my growth. I spend a lot of time looking ahead, thinking of how I'd like our life to go, what I'd like to do and who I would like to be.

Too much time.

It's good to have plans and look to the future but I don't want to live for 'one day' - I want to live for and be present in 'today'. There's no point in putting things off, delaying new ideas or activities or just giving yourself a 'get out of jail free' card because it's easier to do nothing than to try.

Now is the time for doing.

I'm going to use my positive nature and give my self a good push to start putting some of my thoughts into actions. Using things that inspire me to inspire a difference. More action, less procrastination. More changes, less comparing. Just doing what I want and need for my family and for me.

And this blog will be my virtual pinboard, full of ideas and encouragement, for me but hopefully a bit for you too.

I've always shared my interests on here, be it beauty, days out or home and lifestyle, but I've been playing with my blog design for a while as I want its look as well as its content to reflect me, as Mum to Ethan and as an individual, more.

So, To Become Mum is still here but with a fresh new look and a re-focus if you like. I've always said this blog is about being Mum and being me, and the balance between the two and I hope that I can use my blog to share more of myself and help me grow too.

If you're looking for family related posts, milestone stories, letter updates to Ethan and finding out about things I learn and love as being Mum, then hopefully they'll be plenty for you to read and enjoy. Likewise, if you're interested in topics from wellbeing to beauty and style, I'll have this covered too.

I'm on a journey to be the best mum and the best 'me' I can be, and I hope you'll join me on my way.

Kelly x


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