Tuesday 21 July 2015

My top Cath Kidston Autumn / Winter 2015 picks

Even if you've only stopped by my blog once or twice, you'll no doubt have spotted my love affair with Cath Kidston and judging by the response to my last 'pick of the prints' post, there's plenty of CK fans out there too.

Well, brace yourselves... hundreds of new Autumn / Winter 2015 collection items have just dropped. All in one big, fat, beautiful go.

It's called the Library Collection and it's time to get yourself acquainted with the new modern vintage style for next season.

VoilĂ ! A whole new collection, teased for a few weeks with an Instagram pic here and an odd launch there, has arrived. Whilst school holidays and sun tans might be the first thing on your mind at the moment, the new Cath Kidston collection is already welcoming us with warm, cosy arms into the charm of autumn.

There is so much to take in, I don't know where to start. When I saw there were 23 pages no less of new arrivals yesterday on the Cath Kidston website, I had to rub my eyes. Perhaps they've made an error? Surely there can't be so many new products to introduce?

It's no mistake and it's no dream. Well, in a way, it is if you are a Cath fan. It's a beautiful, embellished, quirky, patterned dream that you're going to love.

Ok, I might be getting a bit carried away here.

But honestly, there's so much to behold in the new season, you're going to have no trouble finding a cute new cardigan, bold print dress, fab new bag or fun pair of shoes. Everyone and everything has been taken care of and thought about in exquisite detail.

Reworking some of her older designs and reimagining, whilst bringing back some popular past prints for a brief outing once more in a new light, Cath has something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to offer.

On your quirky print side, penguins are 'new' again for the season ahead, available in an adult dress and skirt. Ethan would just squeal with delight if I wore one of these! Heck, I squealed with delight when I saw this print!

Billie, the new dog on the scene, has a day out in a new print which is a Stanley meets London design. There's also a sausage dog to fall in love with and a Kitten print I spotted in a mug too.

Where autumnal blooms were big last year and clouds big is Spring and Summer, leaves are big news with the new Woodland, Woodland Rose and Squirrel prints in various hues of blue, yellow and red. Whether as a complete dinner set (with tablecloths and napkins to match - simply stunning) or as a glasses case, mug or skirt, this is a motif for the windswept months that follow the end of summer.

And for flower lovers, there's so much to see in every shade you could want. Painted roses, antique style Oxford blooms and one or two flower power Petal items too, this is the season for floral fanatics. Combined with bold base colours, from inky blues to rich reds and yellows to keep them modern and fresh, there will be a bloom for you.

For boys, race cars and dinosaurs are making a brief comeback (brilliant for my dinosaur mad son) and there's also a fun robot print in a cushion and duvet set too.

I could go on and on and on but you should really see the collection for yourself. Pour a cup of tea and take it all in. Or you could just read on and see my top picks of the new prints and products below.

Prepare to be swept away in the new CK madness...

Billy Goes To Town Shopper, £28

Spray Flowers Trainers, £65

It's time to get organised... Cath has launched her 2016 calendar and new diaries, both calendar and academic years and in A6 and A5 sizes (more choice than ever before)...

Woodland Rose 2016 Calendar, £15

Billie Goes To Town A6 2016 Diary, £12
Woodland Rose A6 2016 Diary, £15
Cranham A6 Academic Diary, £12
Provence Rose A5 2016 Diary, £15
Large Spray Flowers A5 Academic Diary, £15
Woodland Rose Scrapbook Set, £18
Woodland Rose Wooden Three Tier Cake Stand, £40
Set of two Woodland Rose leaf-shaped dishes, £15

Robots cushion, £22

Hampstead Rose Wool Shawl, £48

Hampton Rose Necklace, £28

Squirrel Pocket Cardigan, £85

Woodland Pleat Front Skirt, £45

Bloomsbury Bouquet Dress, £75

British Birds Medium Leather Tote, £60

Dino Kids Hoodie, £24
Knitted Dinosaur, £16

You'll also find a few treats and surprises in there, just one or two items from past collections, such as the famous Guards or last year's Townhouses, so you'll have another chance to snap up some prints that may have passed you by first time around.

Here's a bit more about the new Cath Kidston Library collection, in their words:

"Our Library Collection has been cleverly designed so that each print belongs to a capsule colour story, but can also be mixed and matched with others from across the collection. We wanted to create an inspiring riot of print and colour; an eclectic mix of prints in bold, beautiful colours ranging from soft pale grounds to rich inks and charcoals – and everything in between. Our famous florals play a starring role, and there’s one for every taste, from delicate ditsies to romantic full bloom roses. They’re combined with our classic spots and quirky novelties to create that eclectic, unexpected mix." 

This collection features "reworked, recoloured and reinvigorated classic prints that have a joyful new energy we’re sure you’ll love". 

And I really, really do.


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