Monday 20 July 2015

The week that was #25 & #26

So, I missed a week with my weekly life and loves round-up. Oops. Some weeks, there's lots to share, other weeks, not so much. This time last week, I came to write my 'week that was' post' but just needed a quiet night and decided to catch up with you all this week instead.

That's not to say there hasn't been plenty going on, on here or in 'real' life.

I also decided to make these posts shorter and sweeter. I was finding they were getting longer and longer, as I can never seem to wrap things up quickly but I realised some things deserved a post in their own right.

Going forwards, my weekly round-ups will be a little briefer in words - more of a snapshot into what's been going on and sharing some of my favourite pics, which also often sum things up pretty well.

This past week or so, I've been overhauling my routine, my diet and my fitness. It really is baby steps but I have a goal in mind and I'm always much more motivated when I have a definite target to work towards.

One of my besties (below) is becoming a beautiful bride next year, just four days after one of our other besties gets hitched, and I am going to be a bridesmaid at both. Lindsay, below, came to visit last weekend and we went to look at the bridesmaid dress she had her eye on for us and I tried it on, along with a few variants on the design.

And it was love. It's full length, it's in gold sequins and I feel like I should be walking a red carpet. Whilst the other style was equally gorgeous and I'd feel pretty good in it for sure, I'm aspiring to wearing the other number. It's more figure hugging, particularly at the front, and although my lovely friend said I looked great in it, I want to feel amazing (and be able to breathe out at some point during the day!).

Because the dress was love at first wear, I am putting what I know, and what I sometimes stick to, about eating well and putting it into practice. I still have a year until their weddings but my Brother-in-Law gets married in October this year and there's no time like the present.

I'm sharing some of the recipes and things I try along the way, including the cauliflower rice I made in the week which was de-lish.

That's not to say I'm not allowing the odd treat... I do love a glass (or in this case, jam jar glass) or Pimms in the summer.

I even went for a run (that's quite a big stretch to be honest, a jog interspersed with walking to catch my breath is more like it) on last Sunday afternoon and I've done the 30 Day Shred workout every other day too. It may not be a big deal for some but it is for me. It's an important step change and I'm really feeling good for it.

I've also become much better at making time for me time.

Any other Cath Kidston fans out there? I couldn't help but spot a few new beauties hitting the shelves from the Autumn/Winter '15 collection. Swoon.

Most Mummy and Ethan photos look like this, seeing as they're taken as selfies.

Ethan started Toddlers at nursery two weeks ago and is loving it. I start full time hours in August so I've been trying to make the most of our Wednesdays together.

This is the face of a boy who watched The Lion King for the first time. And loved it. Loads.

He calls lions and tigers 'kigers' and is quite obsessed with them.

He's also a huge dinosaur fan (just as well we decorated his nursery in a dinosaur theme when he was just a few months old, then!). So, on Saturday, we took him to West Midlands Safari Park, to see all the lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, penguins and the Land of the Living Dinosaurs again.

Little man loved it. It was really busy, being the first day of the summer holidays, so the safari took quite a long time but Ethan didn't mind and waved hello and goodbye to all the animals we passed by.

Family safari selfie!

On Saturday night, we went to a family get-together for one of Ste's cousins' birthdays. All Ethan wanted to do was chase their dog and run around the garden, even at 9.30pm. That's why these photos are a bit blurry - light was fading and Ethan was a blur of excitement.

Sunday was a quieter affair, filled with films (The Lion King, again), card making (for me) and feline friends.

Whatever your're doing this week, enjoy it!

Kelly x



  1. Anonymous20.7.15

    It looks like you had a great week 25 and 26. Hope your healthy eating goes well as I know it can be tough or it s for me. I love West Midlands Safari park but have not been while they have had the Dinosaurs so this is a must visit. Hope you have a lovely week

  2. What a busy week. Love his face at the safari park.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. What an awesome two weeks you've had!!! Just checked out your dinoland post - looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx

  4. I love these piccies, that one of the giraffe is amazing!! Very well done on taking time to get fit and healthy, ANY step, no matter how small it might seem is a good thing so keep it up and in no time you'll feel better and be doing it sensibly too. I've just started a 30 day squat challenge, only 1 day in and my thighs are killing me X #TWTWC


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