Tuesday 4 August 2015

Mummy and Me July 2015

So, Ethan's phase of not wanting to pose for photos, mainly with me, continues but that hasn't stopped me this month! Whilst I am usually the one taking the snaps for our family album, hubs has grabbed the camera a couple of times and caught two shots.

One just at home, as I capture a cuddle from my constantly on the move toddler.

Another, ridding a baby triceratops. You know, as you do.

As another month passes, I make another mental note - must. try. harder.

I need to be in more photos and I need to make more of an effort to capture everyday moments, me included. I have been doing my best to live in the moment more, and not worry so much about having to document it all, just enjoy it. The last photo is just of Ethan but it's from the last Wednesday we had as Mummy and Ethan, last week, before I started full time work. We had a lovely lunch date and it was a time I wanted to bottle up but I decided just to take this one photo and then leave it be, and enjoy my time with my special man.

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