Thursday 6 August 2015

My letter to Ethan - at 2 years 3 months

Hey buddy,

It's me, Mummy. The one you come to when there's tears in your eyes. The one that you kick out at when I get you out of bed earlier than you'd like and start getting you dressed. I know. How dare I change your clothes, put on a fresh nappy and comb your hair? And that's before I get the big, bad toothbrush out...

You're well into your two's and you certainly know, or like to think you do, what you want. And how to get it. 'No' is still very much in your vocabulary, but so too are so many other words. You know A, B, C, D, and the rest, although that's as far as you will let us go when we sing the song. We know you know all the letters as you can put together your alphabet puzzle with no difficulty at all. And you recognise your name written down.

You talk, and talk. Don't know who you get that from. It's lovely having conversations with you now and we nearly always know what you are talking about. You comment on everything you see and you pick up on emotions. You can pull a sad face on cue, and notice if other people or characters on TV are sad, and there's nothing which doesn't catch your eye of cause you to exclaim with delight.

You are a delight. Your expressions, your enthusiasm, your gestures and your funny sayings or ways of pronouncing certain words make us smile every day. Your love for animals grows and so does your love of Disney and films, with Panda (Kung Fu Panda) and Kiger from Lion King (all lions and tigers are 'kiger' to you) being the latest new friends you have found.

You're having a lot of fun in nursery, with friends you mention when you're at home. Every morning when we drop you off, you toddle over to the tables, pull yourself a chair and ask excitedly for Cherrios, then turn with a spoon in one hand and a fist full of Marmite on toast in the other, to wave goodbye and blow us a kiss if we are lucky too.

Then when we collect you at the end of the day, you run to us, usually Daddy, and then demand we take you home to Woof and Hockhock (despite the fact you can actually say Watson and Sherlock). Every time. And every time we return home, Hockhock is sat their waiting for you on the wall outside our house and your face lights up when you see her.

You are also a monkey. Quite like people told us, the two's are a bit turbulent and you can get in a right old sulk or get very upset at a moment's notice. If I try to put on your shoes. If I ask you if you want a biscuit. If I we need to pick you up, If you don't want to, right then and there, for whatever reason, that's it. I find it harder to argue with you whereas Daddy just does his best to carry on and do whatever he wanted to do with you any way, but I think you know you can push it more with me.

If we're at home, it's easier to deal with any sudden changes in mood - you quickly change your mind and can go from being very upset to saying 'sorry Mummy' just minutes later once you've calmed down and realised that we weren't being all that awful to you after all.

You're learning boundaries and what you can and can't do and it's all fine. You're still growing, developing and sleeping through the night (wahoo!) so we really can't complain too much. Your smile and your company is more than enough to make up for anything.

Speaking of sleeping, you select a new 'best bedtime friend' almost every night and insist on sleeping with hundreds of your toys in your bed. You relegate some each time and demand others to join you, and will spend quite some time rearranging them whilst Daddy or I are told to read you Paddington. Or Gruffalo, for a change, if we are lucky. You have and love plenty of other books, but this is what you like at bedtime.

You really are great company and we still spend so much time simply watching you.

Your hair is growing again, so are your feet and there's times where I get glimpses of a much older boy. And of myself, as a child, in a grump.

You've been on safari recently, and had just the best time ever, and you've visited Gramps, played with Uncle Simon and kept Nanny and Grandad on their toes too this month.

And most of all, you have made me smile. Every time I think of you, I smile and even when you're playing at nursery, you're close by. I have photos of you on my desk at work and the end of the day is always my favourite time as I love picking you up and seeing your face when you notice Mummy and Daddy have come to collect you.

There's so many other things I could have mentioned and I always think of more to say after I write these posts. There's almost too much to jot down, but I might have to try and keep a list of all the new funny things you say and do.

I love you Ethan. My beautiful blue eyed boy.


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