Friday 7 August 2015

Skin Deep

We all know how important it is to look after our skin, right? It's something you appreciate as you get older (I'm only 31 so not over the hill and far away in any way, but still, my skin is starting to show its age) and something many of us will think about a lot.

I try to have a good skincare regime but like with most of my good intentions, I find myself slipping now and then and one lazy day can turn into a lazy week and that can turn into... you get the idea!

Lack of sleep, dehydration, sun exposure, wearing make up every day - it all can take it's toll and call it vanity, but I'm even more away of how my skin looks with every birthday and every new crease or crinkle.

Despite having lines and skin that needs some real nourishment and some anti-ageing help (don't we all??), I also have quite an oily t-zone which isn't helped by the warmer (ha!) weather.

But I have been using for around six weeks my Artistry skincare range and when I'm good, this stuff is very good to me too.

I've been using their brand new Hydra-V collection every day, starting with their Fresh Foaming Cleanser then applying the serum followed by the light Refreshing Gel moisturiser.

I like how gentle the foaming gel cleanser is and I use this after I have removed my make up with an oil or cream cleanser, then use it again in the morning for a quick refresh. It's effective yet gentle and doesn't anger my sometimes sensitive skin.

The serum feels lovely and light on the skin and sinks in quickly, which is great if you're in a rush.

Then to finish, the refreshing gel moisturiser gives me some needed moisture but leaves a matt finish, making it a good base for make up. It definitely sinks into the skin rather than leaving me feel like I'm oily or caked in cream, which it good for my skin type and for the summer months too.

This has been my first introduction toArtistry, one of the world's best-selling premium beauty brands that's sold through local reps, and I have loved using the Hydra-V trio (price point is around £30 for the moisturiser, so more premium than high street brands but they're really effective and last ages - I still have plenty left after six weeks of continuous use).

I've really enjoyed my introduction to Artistry and I'm keen to find out more about the brand and other products in the range as a result.

My top tips for giving your face some TLC

CTM - it's the only way!
Cleanse, tone, moisturise. Twice a day. Every day. This is something we have all heard but for one reason or another, we don't always stick to. But, if you do, I promise you will see an improvement in your skin. 

Once is not enough 
So you've used your cleansing milk / micellar water / facial wash / cream cleanser and your skin is nice and clean, right? Well, maybe not. Some cleansers will melt away make up but only cleansing once may leave you with dirt and other daily grime still clinging on your skin. Cleanse your skin a second time to be sure.

Ban the wipes!
For too long, I have been lazy at nighttime and have relied on facial wipes to remove my make up and wipes alone. They're also a staple for when I'm staying away but this has all changed now. Wipes have a variety of chemicals in them, including alcohol and preservatives, and these can be very harsh on your skin, particularly with prolonged use. They can leave a film on your skin so if there's still dirt in your pores, it gets trapped underneath and can cause all kinds of problems like spots.

Be savvy when you spend
It's easy to see why so many of us are reliant on brands that are available on the high street. Big marketing budgets mean that certain brands and their products are everywhere we look - on TV every day, on billboards on the way to work, in the magazines we read, in every shop we go in -  and usually with some celebrity telling us that this is THE product we need, because we're worth it. Such exposure means that certain products can be sold to us at an affordable price and how many mamas have lots of pennies spare now that we have little ones? Not many I'm guessing, so if you're like me, price has always been a deciding factor. And who can resist a good 3 for 2 offer or impulse till purchase?

The thing is, when we do treat ourselves to a spa experience, for example, we get to try higher end products and nearly every time, we're amazed or impressed at the results. We expect it, because of the price. Certain things are worth spending a little more on - moisturisers and serums in particular - and we'd all like to treat ourselves more if we had the money.

Exfoliate twice a week - and no more!
Your skin goes through a process of renewal and you need to exfoliate away dead skin cells to ensure your skin is looking as healthy as possible and that you're not just putting moisturiser on top of dead skin rather than letting it penetrate further where it actually be effective. Exfoliating twice a week is best, so your skin has time to renew itself.

Give your skin a treat
Whether you use a fancy serum or indulge in a hydrating mask twice a week, you must give your skin some goodness to help boost its health and appearance. 

Facial exercises
Finally, I've been reading that we need to have a fitness routine for our faces. It sounds great in theory and there's some great tips from Cosmo if you do want to give your face a good workout.

What have you learned about skincare? I'd love to hear your top tips for tip top skin!

*Note: thank you to Artistry for the samples - my skin is very grateful indeed!


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