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My definitive list of fun days out for all the family in the Midlands

We're now half way through the summer holidays and whether you've been with your children the whole time or if you're working and looking to make the most of your weekends, I'm sure you could do with some helpful ideas and suggestions on places to go and things to do.

With this in mind, I thought I would bring together a few recommendations of places to visit in the Midlands, seeing as I live here and I'm always looking for new things to do. I've written about ideas on things to do as a family before but I've pulled together this list of ideas from places we have been and love as well as some suggestions from other mums in the area to hopefully give us all some inspiration and new 'must visit' places to add to the list. Some of these are free (always a bonus!) and others may involve a ticket or admission price, which I've linked to for ease.

So, here's my list of some great days out in the Midlands. I've added links to the official websites and also to posts I have written before if we have visited the places mentioned. Enjoy, share and add any of your own suggestions in the comment box too so I can add to this list to help make this a really useful guide for Midlands mamas everywhere!


I didn't know this park existed a couple of years ago but now it's one of the places we visit the most, just as there's a great park, a lovely lake and lots of greenery to enjoy. A great spot for a lazy Sunday walk.

There's also a farm, which we haven't visited before but I'd like to one day.

* Sutton Park

Sutton Park - To Become Mum

This is right on my doorstep and was somewhere Ethan and I spent many summer days when I was on maternity leave. It's huge (over 2000 acres), with various entry points and car parks you can access it from and it's just a beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors. 

You can walk for miles, take your bikes, walk the dog, pack a picnic, sit by one of the lakes or ponds, enjoy the swings and play area at the main entrance... whatever you like. For free.

I love woods and forests and know that my little Gruffalo would really enjoy a visit here as there's a trail in the deep dark woods where you might find the orange-eyed, knobbly-kneed fella yourself, along with a Superworm themed trail.

I've been told that this is a really great 'premier' park that has been recently invested in to now boast restored buildings, play areas and a splash pad too.


We visited this small, charming, working farm to see Santa last Christmas and would definitely recommend a visit. There's lots of farm animals to see and a nice coffee shop / restaurant, and the scenery is great too. It's not too commercial and affordable too, with admissions from £6.50 to £8.50, and the farm open daily.

* National Forest Adventure Farm

This farm is full of fun things to do, from lots of farm animals and small animals you can handle through to a maize maze in the summer and indoor and outdoor play areas. The food served here is great but you can bring your own lunch too and it's such great value because there is so much to offer. A great way to wear your little ones out!

You can read about our day out to the farm last summer here and ticket information can be found here (prices are £10.75 per person over 2 years old in the summer).

I'd love to one day be a member of the National Trust, as I love the great outdoors and history too. We visited Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire a couple of months ago and it was just such a nice place to spend a lazy day (see all our pics here). It's a National Trust moated manor house that was built in the 1500's and it has acres of garden and land to explore and a nice tea room too (although , with plenty of exploring for little ones to do.

Prices are from £3.50 for children for garden only - see here for further details.

Be sure to check our the National Trust website too as there's so many historical buildings and sites well worth visiting in the region.

Chasewater Railway

I've never been but have been told that the steam railway in Burntwood, Staffordshire, is well worth checking out. There's steam and diesel days and the fares are all very reasonable too (starting at just 50p for children and £1 for adults for a narrow gauge journey), so it's an affordable way to spend an afternoon as a family.


* West Midlands Safari Park

This is one of our favourite places to go and you can have a really great, and busy, day out. The safari is obviously the main part and great to do. It takes an hour and a half to drive around, although at busy times, it can take up to twice as long so arrive early or do this towards the end of your visit if it does look busy.

You'll see rhinos, elephants, lions and white lions, tigers and white tigers, giraffes and lots of other animals besides. Ethan loved it when we went a few weeks back and I'd suggest taking some snacks and drinks for the car to keep everyone happy.

When you get out of your car, you can go visit the penguins, watch the sealion show, expore the reptile house, walk around Lorikeet Landing and potentially have some parrot stowaways join you and then you can walk in the Land of the Living Dinosaurs - an obvious highlight for my dino loving toddler!

It's also great at Christmas too.

Tickets can cost around £13.49 for children and £17.99 for adults if booked online (under 3's are free) so it may cost a little for a day out BUT there's loads to do and you receive a free return ticket for your whole party within six months.

Do you have a Thomas the Tank Engine fan in your house? Like animals, even dinosaurs? Looking for a good play area for the children to wear themselves out in? Want somewhere you can easily spend a day and see lots of different things? Oh, and do you enjoy going on rides? Then Drayton Manor is a great day out, even for young ones.

We've been twice now (last summer and when the new Thomas Land extension opened earlier this year) and have had a great time both days. There's a lot to walk around, you can buy food there or take a packed lunch with you to enjoy at one of the many picnic benches. There's the big rides, Thomas Land, the zoo, the playground and a dinosaur park too... what more could your children want?

Tickets are around £5 for 2-3 year olds, £15 for up to 11 year olds then £20 for 12 year olds upwards if booked seven days in advance.

* Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers

I've only been once and the day we went was rather busy, but for little ones, a trip to Cbeebies Land is filled with their favourite characters and is sure to put a smile on their faces.

There's plenty of things to do besides Cbeebies Land, of course, and all this is including in your ticket - which it should be because it's not a cheap day out. Under 4's are free then tickets start £32.85 per person if buying family tickets together and at least seven days in advance. Visit here to work out which ticket and deal is best for you (and keep an eye out for discount vouchers).

* Sea Life Centre Birmingham

I love animals and so does Ethan, so we have been regular visitors to the Sea Life Centre. It seems that every new season, there's a new attraction, feature or event so there's always something new to enjoy and plenty to keep children entertained.

The penguins are a real highlight for me and we last went when the starfish attraction had been added.

Online prices start from £12 so well worth doing, with under 3's getting in for free.

Severn Valley Railway

We went on this old style steam train journey on Ethan's birthday and it was a lovely way to spend a few hours, taking in the sights and enjoying the whole experience. The Seven Valley Railway runs between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth and the journey takes around one and a half hours each way, with ticket prices starting around £12.50 for children and £19 for adults if paid for on the day.

Black Country Living Museum

We went to the BCLM a couple of Christmases ago for their Victorian themed Christmas evening (a lovely festive treat) and I'd like to go back again as I love history and there's plenty to enjoy, including authentic shops from the age of industry and an old fashioned fair. Tickets start from around £7.25 for children and £15.50 for adults.

* Ironbridge Gorge and Museums

First of all, you can visit the impressive Ironbridge and surrounding cute shops for free, save for a car parking ticket, and this certainly makes for a nice day out (we went camping nearby six years ago and loved it).

However, there's plenty to explore too if you want to make more of a day of it, plus the tickets you buy are 'annual passports' (around £25 for adults when bought online), so you can return again and again, making it better value. There's 10 Ironbridge Gorge Museums covering everything from fine china to a recreated Victorian town. I still remember visiting on a school trip when I was a young teen so it's definitely a memorable place to visit.

I'm sure that there's plenty other great places to visit in the Midlands so do share your thoughts and hopefully I can keep updating this list!


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  1. What a wonderful guide - definitely some places I'm planning to visit here.

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