Tuesday 18 August 2015

Summer fruit mocktails

Even if the weather has other ideas, it is summer and that's all the excuse that's needed to enjoy nice food (BBQ, any one?), washed down with a nice cold drink.

Whilst summer says Pimms to me, I thought it would be a nice idea to try making some other summery drinks so with a little juice inspiration from Princes, I've had a go at making some non-alcoholic cocktails.

Mocktails are a great for making and sharing with your children. You can ask them to help with measuring out the different ingredients and they can help decorate your cocktail creations too.

An umbrella or a brightly coloured, twisty straw instantly say 'special'. I picked up a cocktail kit for just £2.50 in Asda and also bought a few new tumbler glasses with bright spots and stripes for the occasion.

Well, there wasn't really an occasion, but I thought why not?

Any day can be a fun day and if you really want to, perhaps when the little ones are in bed, you could easily make one of the following an adult drink with a shot of vodka, Malibu or peach schnapps. All would work with these simple fruit juice mixer ideas if you have a play with the flavours available (the cranberry and lime juice is just one shot of vodka and a twist of orange away from a cosmopolitan).


* One part orange juice
* One part apple and raspberry juice
* Two parts soda water / lemonade / still water (for young ones)

This has a lovely colour to it and is a nice mix of flavours.

Idea: if you can crush ice, this drink would make a great slushy or work as an iced drink. You could even part freeze it before serving - think drink's bottle in the freezer just like you did when you were at school!


* Three parts cranberry and lime juice drink
* One part orange juice
* Squeeze of fresh lime
* Zest of an orange

Idea: as well as making drinks with fruit juice, you could also make ice lollies. A simple kit is easy to find in the supermarket and you'll only need a few hours before they are ready to enjoy.

Fruit Fizz

* 1 litre apple and raspberry
* 1/2 litre of lemonade
* Fresh berries

Add the fruit of your choice to a jug of juice and lemonade, throw in ice cubes and serve, or blitz together for an easy to drink smoothie.

Idea: why not pour some fruit juice or your mocktail mixes into ice vube trays to make flavoured ice cubes? You could then add these to fresh water for a less intense taste - a great option for kids or to add a subtle flavour to your ordinary glass of water.


* Thank you to Prices for sending us the juices to make these mocktails!


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