Monday 17 August 2015

The Week That Was Captured #30

Hello! The last post I shared on here was last week's #TWTWC post and that's simply because we have been busy bees.

I don't want to be the one to say it but... I think that it's official - summer is over. I'm not sure that it really ever started but I'm quite convinced that summer is no more. My trusty maxi dresses were unpacked a while ago but remain unworn, hanging in my wardrobe without having seen the light of a summer's day this year. We haven't had a holiday or break away anywhere, which again has probably helped to make this summer feel a bit like a non-starter.

The main thing we have been doing is spending time together as a little family. This week we have had some real quality time at home and I've taken the opportunity to enjoy watching my little man who is growing before our eyes, speaking in sentences and involving us in his playing. This week, he's proven that he knows The Gruffalo inside and out, saying any words that we pause on to test him. He's sung Twinkle Twinkle to us from start to finish. And he's asked us for 'milk with one tea please mummy' much to our delight.

Work is always busy for me, something I always feel I'm saying when people ask how things are, and this week has been no different. I celebrated my 10th anniversary at my company on the 8th and was given a lovely gift to commemorate my time there. I chose a new Pandora bracelet with heart clasp, as I have quite the collection, and a house shaped charm to symbolise my specialism in home and lifestyle PR for the past decade. I also have a Cath Kidston leather watch on its way too, as another special reminded of the time served.

10 years. A whole lot has happened in that time, at work and at home. It's quite the milestone.

Speaking of milestones, despite the fewer posts on here of late, I am about to reach a new one for my blog. In fact, as you read this, I may have passed 200k page views. For some, this may be an insignificant number and I know that I could do so much more - post more, share more, link more, promote more - and I want my blog to continue and grow, I've put so much into it, but life's busy and I know that sometimes, some things have to wait. We can't all be all things to all people and I am learning to give myself a break if I can't do everything I want. Sometimes, doing nothing is what's best and really, we're the ones who put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do more or be more.

Sometimes, it's nice to just 'be'.

But thank you to you for reading this, whether you're new to To Become Mum or have popped by a few times before. I'm still here, almost three years on, and I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon.

I have a few different things lined up for the week ahead, from cocktails to memory making, so I hope you'll stop by again soon.

Kelly x



  1. Well done on reaching 200k page views! and on reaching 10 years! Love the pandora charm. #twtwc

  2. Lots of celebrations, congratulations! Sounds like a nice week even if the summer is over!xx #TWTWC


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